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Friday, 3rd August 2001


22 January 06
New Section For 2006 Reunion

24 August 05
Wick High 54 - 56
Wow Here is a reunion coming round again on Caithness.org.  By 2006 it will be five years since this group had their last big reunion.  Contact Janis Paterson to get your name down.  The last one was a huge success and once again they are holding it to coincide with Wick Gala Week.

2 April 2003
Getting Together Again
"Last year a small group of us Pultneytown Academy "Old Boys & Girls in the very young 50+ range.  Actually we all started off at the South School in the late Fifties) decided to have a mini reunion of our own, and so after long months of waiting, much anticipation and just a little trepidation, we finally got together on the weekend of March 14-17th 2002

30 August 2002
Celia More (nee Tait) The Flower Shop, Wick Retires

After 25 years in The Flower Shop Celia has decided to  move on and retire early.  Saturday 31 august 2002 is her last day.  The shop has been sold to Jane Miller.

31 January 2002
Still coming in ... From Isabelle Thurley
Picture from 1991 Reunion

49-51 Reunion Donation To New Renal Unit

Recently representatives from the reunion donated 400 from the funds left after the reunion expenses to the local group raising funds towards getting a renal dialysis unit in Caithness General Hospital

Email Addresses
If you would like your email address put in the lists of people attending just send us an email and we will put it in.  We know it was hectic on the night and you may have been unable to get round everyone.  We will only add those who get in touch and give permission.

17 October 2001
More 49-51 Reunion Pictures

28 September 2001
Final One From Janis
The final report on the Reunion about what will happen with money raised and a poem from Murray

3 September 2001
More Pictures From Reunion Night

27 August 2001
Pictures From The Reunion Night
First pictures from the night.  If anyone would like to send pictures in we will add them to the section.  The disk with our won pictures is damaged and we are not sure if we can retrieve them.

13 August 2001
Almost final letter from Janis

2 August 2001
Well its one day to go until the reunion but we have one more set of pictures just in.  How many of you were members of the Wick Arion Choir.  Well here is a set of pictures to take you back.  Copies will be at the reunion for you to fill in the names we do not have.
See you all on Friday night in Mackay's Hotel

31 July 2001
Final List Of Those Who Will Be There
Its all on and the Gala Week Wick High School reunion 10 years on is almost here.  Some folk are already in Caithness from far and wide so you will probably be bumping into one another.

31 July 2001
Latest From Janis

24 July 2001
Joe Fitzpatrick - Went To North School and is in the 1962 Picture

I am Joe Fitzpatrick, moved to Wick in 1955, my Father Bill worked at the High School..married Elizabeth Hendry in 1957.....remember Dash and Dot, anyone??....I am in the 1962 North School picture..along with Valerie Sinclair, whom EVERYONE was in love with!!,...LOL...Moved to the USA in 1981, my home website is www.GoErie.com , and shows our wonderful Great Lakes to good effect, I now live in Erie, Pennsylvania, and am very happy...although would KILL for some fish and chips, and a pint at the Pentland!!!!..Good Luck, all...if you remember me, please email me at Gollach@excite.com

Its a sellout but you are welcome to mingle in the bars at Mackays Hotel on the night.  Many are already planning to do just that.  This looks like being the biggest reunion in Wick for a long time. 180 tickets booked and maybe 50 or more looking in.  Still time to send in those last pictures for the web pages.  Many of the pictures will be available to view on the night when you decide who was who and where you all went.

20 July 2001
"Two Weeks To Go" - Janis
Not many days left till the big night.

14 July 2001
Three Weeks To Go -Time To Get your Tickets
Don't Leave It to the Last minute Please

1 July 2001
Update From Janis
Plea to get your ticket money in as soon as possible now folks

28 June 2001
Christine Macdonald and Frank Sutherland
 in a recent picture

13 June 2001
Latest Update From Isabelle Thurley

17 May 2001
Peter & Roger Pictures

14 May 2001
Update from Janis on Tickets

3 May 2001
Names now in for North School 1962
thanks to Fran Forrester (nee Gunn) and Janis for onward transmission.  Apologies to all for linking problems on Janis's article on "Teacher's Who Made An Impression".  Comes of trying to find things past the witching hour .............. Bill.

29 April 2001
Recent Pictures Page Now Open
Janis has set things rolling with her photo. So get cracking and fill up the new page.  Send pics to bill@caithness.org or to Janis for censoring

25 April 2001
School Days Tales
Janis Paterson nee McGee
Teachers Who Made an Impression On Me Part One

24 April 2001
Tickets coming soon say Janis

9 April 2001
Janis has a birthday- Any suggestions welcome.
Anyone got a helicopter?  We have heard that some people bungee jump out of them Janis.

1 April 2001
Janis with update and a question.

26 March 2001
Wick High Reunion 49 - 50 is Fully Booked
160 sold
All the tickets for the reunion are now booked and the full list of attendees will be posted on the website very soon.
Apologies to those of you who intended coming, but had not yet booked tickets.  We had no idea that so many people would want to attend.
Janis Paterson (nee McGee)

20 March 2001
Update From Janis

13 March 2001
Latest From Janis
Who is jetting in from abroad    List Update

List of Those Who will be there as at 13 March

3 March 2001
Letter From Janis    

25 February 2001
Happy Birthday Ishbel Bruce from all your friends heading to the old reunion.  Another mile stone but so what you passed all the rest.

22 February 2001
Janis confirms band booked.  Have you got your tickets yet?

13 February 2001
Latest From Janis 12 February

7 February 2001
Update From Janis 4 February

25 January 2001
Latest Letter From Janis

Dancing In the Gym - From Janis  20 July 2001

Scottish Country Dance Team 1967

Janet & Celia in 2000

Three Last Summer

Maureen Pye (Dunbar) and Jean Smith (Ross).

Academy 1961 9 April

Picture has had restoration work by Caithness.org.  One name is missing.

Latest School Picture -1962 North School 17 March

List of Names and locations as at 20 March 2001
List of Those Who will be there as at 1 April 2001
No Smart Excuses for Missing PE 31 March 2001
Setting The Records Straight 30 March 2001
Who Remembers Navy Knickers 15 March
Do You Remember Teacher's Nicknames? 10 March
1961 Another Pulteneytown Picture
9 March 2001
"Tales Out of School"
Frank Sutherland
Miller Trouble
28 February 2001
Memory From Ishbel

Does anyone remember LEAVO!
22 February
Another Picture from 1962 22 February
Janis's Letter  - Who is this Reunion for.

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Earlier Letters and Updates
10 and 18 January 2001