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It is off my grandmother, Alexina, Kate, Maggie Miller's school picture.  She was born Feb 1897, so do not know in which year this photo was taken.  My grandmother is the little girl in the middle row, far left with an x on the lace of her dress.  The picture below the teacher is of Queen Victoria, I think.

This picture was taken in Toronto, Ontario, Canada  1916 but there is an Wick interest here.
Back Row - left to right:  Marcus, McIvor Miller, Angus Miller, Alexina, Kate, Maggie Miller (my grandmother)
Front Row:  left to right:  Christina (Teenie) Miller nee: Miller - she was the wife of Nigel, Robertson Miller who was killed 6 April 1916, WW1, France.  She returned to Wick directly after his death and I believe stayed with her parents at 43 Wellington St. Wick.  She took her two sons Alexander and David Miller with her.  She did return to eastern Canada and married a Mr. Gribble.  Am looking for anyone who knows of her parents and family, my g. grandmother Margaret Miller nee: Angus holding the son of Nigel- David Miller, Christina, Smith Wares: nee: Miller.

Daniel Smith Miller and wife Marie Louise Miller nee: Buxton.  Daniel Smith Miller is the brother of my g. grandfather Captain Alexander Miller.  Daniel was born 7 Sept 1863 - Wick to Alexander & Christina Miller nee: Smith.  Daniel married Marie, Louise Buxton 2 April 1884 in West Maitland, New South Wales, Australia.  He died 21 Feb 1932 in Strathfield, N.S.W., Australia


Captain Alexander Miller b, 22 Mar 1854 - Wick and his brother George, Smith Miller b. 7 May 1857 - Wick

James Meiklejohn - Grand uncle of James, Meiklejohn Miller b. 27 March 1883 - Wick

James Meiklejohn died 4 May 1875 at the age of 37, in Cara, He died at Cara, South Ronaldsay, Orkney.    Farm manager, and married to Barbara Sinclair.  The name of the informant of his death was Peter Tulloch (yet another surname) , brother-in-law who lived at St. Margaret's Hope at the time of James Meiklejohn's death.  James' father was a farmer and was deceased at the time of his death and his mother did not have the word "deceased" written beside her name on the 4 May 1875.

He was married to Barbara Sinclair.  His parents were Alexander Meiklejohn 1 Dec 1800 Dunnet, died before 4 May 1875 and Margaret Bain b. 1810, Warse, Canisbay, Scotland

James Meiklejohn.  A little research, a lot of luck and taking a look at what I already have on paper but not in my database has answered many questions.  He definitely is the son or Alexander Meiklejohn and Margaret Bain.  He is the brother of my gg. grandmother Catherine Angus nee: Meiklejohn and I already have all of their brothers and sisters. 

Jessie, Manson  b. 19 Aug 1882 - Wick & married James, Meiklejohn Miller b. 28 Mar 1883 - Wick on 28 Dec 1907, Toronto, Ontario, Canada and Jessie's mother and brother Jimmy.  

This picture was taken in Wick.  Any information on this family and it's ancestors/descendants would be greatly appreciated

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