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Miller Family Photo Album

millerfamily.jpg (56662 bytes)
Captain Alexander and Margaret Miller and the children

margaretneeangus.jpg (26502 bytes)
Margaret Miller (Angus)

alexchristinaangus.jpg (33385 bytes)
Alexina Kate Maggie, Christina and Angus Miller

catherine.jpg (36521 bytes)
Catherine Angus (Meiklejohn)

alexinababy.jpg (32226 bytes)
Alexina Kate Maggie Miller at 1897

nigelmiller.jpg (34436 bytes)
Nigel Roberton Miller -

margaretmiller1896.jpg (28809 bytes) captmiller1896.jpg (28477 bytes)
Margaret Miller and Captain Alexander Miller in 1896, just before his death

catherineangus&kids.jpg (33373 bytes)
Catherine Angus and sister Margaret Miller nee: Angus and her children

margaret&alexandermiller.jpg (30186 bytes)
Margaret Miller nee: Angus And Capt. Alexander Miller  
  2 pictures taken years apart and then put together, Wick

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