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Christina Smith Miller, Angus Miller, Alexina Kate Maggie Miller - Photo taken 1902 

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B:Donald A. Miller, Capt. Alexander Miller, David A. Miller - Fr:Alexander Miller Jr, George S. Miller, James M. Miller & Margaret Miller - Taken 1884 -Wick

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Alexina Kate Maggie Miller & Christina Smith Miller - abt 1906 - Wick 

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Alexina Kate Maggie Miller - my grandmother - Born: 21-Feb-1897 in Wick - Picture taken 1897 , Wick

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Alexina Kate Maggie Miller (12 yrs.) & Margaret Miller nee: Angus 43 Argyle Sq. Wick - 1909

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August 1, 1905 - Wick - hard to read, something about this being a picture of James Meiklejohn Miller's cousins

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To Miss C. Miller, 43 Argyle Sq. Wick from Maggie, Kurri Kurri, New South Wales, Australia - May 1905
I have traced all the family dead and living in Australia that I have been able to.  This postcard is signed by your cousin Maggie.  I haven't been able to trace who this Maggie is.  May be a cousin to my grandmother.  She is writing to Miss C. (Christina Smith Miller) Miller, c/o Mrs. Miller, Argyle Square, Wick, Caithness, Scotland from Kurri Kurri, New South Wales, Australia - May 1905.  The message is:  Dear Cousin:  I am sending you a photo of our house.  Mother & I are on verandah.  I wish you lived nearer because I would have someone to play with.  I might see you someday I hope.  good-bye your loving cousin, Maggie.  I have not traced my g. grandfather, Capt. Alexander Miller's sister's down yet.  I have a feeling one of them may have emigrated to Australia because their brothers Daniel and George Miller went and died there.  ????
"This could be signed by Maggie Miller of Meiklejohn??"

maggiekurrikurrinewsouthwalesmay1905.jpg (20977 bytes)
"This could be signed by Maggie Miller of Meiklejohn??"

Dempster Street Looking West, Wick.
This post card is written to my grandmother, Allie Miller in Toronto, Canada:  Dear Allie.  This is a postcard for your album and to remind you of Wick.  How would you like to spend a holiday there now.  With love from Cousin Teen(I think)

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Sent to Miss C. Miller c/o Mrs. Sanderman, 6 Henderland Rd., Murrayfield, Edinburgh?-from Wick March 9, 1911 at 11 am

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Postcard sent to my g. grandmother from the widow of son Nigel Robertson Miller ,Teenie (she returned to Wick during WW1) dated July 6, 1916 at 11pm

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Postcard sent to Mr. M. Miller in Toronto, Can. from daughter-in-law Teenie, 43 Wellington St. Wick on June 21, 1916 at 11pm asking about George who was already killed and Angus who was badly wounded.

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Sent to me Maureen Scott in Victoria, B. C. Canada from grandparents Allan Douglas Thackray & Alexina Thackray nee: Miller on July 7, 1960 - Wick

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