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Angus Miller - b. 30 Aug 1891, Wick.  He was the son of Capt. Alexander & Margaret Miller nee: Angus.  This is a picture of him in a hospital in Rochdale, England, after being riddled with shrapnel, photo taken about late 1916 - 1917.  He was transferred to a hospital in Rochdale because the only brother he had left in Britain was a Donald, Angus Miller, who happened to live there with his family.
Angus was there for about a year before he was well enough to come back to Canada.
Donald Miller was married on 20 Oct 1900 and am looking for any of his descendants.  He died on 15 June 1922, Prestwich, Manchester, England.  Buried 20 June 1922, Rochdale Cemetery, Rochdale, England. 

My grandmother, Alexina, Kate, Maggie Miller - sitting on the right taken somewhere in Caithness, probably around 1907.  I know very little about this picture.

My g. grandmothers, Annie, Elizabeth Thackray nee: Bradshaw on the left.  She was born 5 May 1864, Commonslide Crookes, Sheffield, England.  Her father's name was George Bradshaw and was a table grinder.  Her mother's name was probably Sarah.  I am looking for any information on the Bradshaw family past and present.  Margaret Miller nee: Angus - Born: 19 Oct 1856 in Dunnet, Scotland.  This picture was taken in Toronto, Ontario, Canada abt. 1918.  Neither women returned to Britain.

Frederick, William Thackray b. 21 Dec 1861, Nether Hallam, Sheffield, England.  He was the husband of Annie, Elizabeth Thackray nee: Bradshaw in the picture above.  He was a wholesale druggist in Southport, England.
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Three generation picture taken in Toronto, Ontario, Canada - 1918.  Margaret Miller nee: Angus, b. 19 Oct 1856, Dunnet Scotland, Alexina, K. M. Thackray nee: Miller b. 21 Feb 1897, Wick and my mother, Margaret Scott nee: Thackray, b. 22 Dec 1917. 

Nigel, Roberton Miller b. 10 Jan 1887 in Wick, d. 6 Apr 1916 in WW1, France, 2 Wick friends - George, Smith Miller b. 27 Oct 1878 in Wick, d. 23 Apr 1917 in WW1, France.  This picture was taken around 1901, Boer War.

Medals of George, Smith Miller b. 27 Oct 1878 in Wick.  These medals are from WW1 and the bottom right one, Boer War, South Africa 1901 & 1902.  There was a very endearing note with the cross, "Give this cross to Alexander Miller (George's son) from his Grandmother, Margaret Miller.  I got this in memory of your dear father."

George, Smith Miller b. 27 Oct 1878 in Wick.  This was taken during the Boer War in Johannesburg, 1901 - 1902.

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