News Archive - July 2002

HomeAid Charity Shop Reopened
HomeAid Charity Shop has reopened at Princes Street, Thurso - opposite Bews Butchers and is open Mon  - Fir 10.30am - 4.30pm.  Lots of bargains in clothing, books, collectables, toys, games ornaments , china, music systems, surplus furniture and the odd antique.  All proceeds are used to further the group's work in relieving poverty.

Wick Gala - Fancy Dress At Braehead - Pictures 37 - 42

Wick Gala - Fancy Dress At Braehead - Pictures 25 - 36

Wick Gala - Fancy Dress At Braehead  - Pictures 13 - 24

History Of Caithness  - Chapter Fourteen  - Mr Jolly Of Dunnet
Mr Jolly died in 1845 after 60 years as a minister in the county.

Wick Gala - Fancy Dress At Braehead  - Pictures 1 - 12

Wick Gala - Karate Demonstration At Braehead

Wick Gala Baby Show

Wick Gala Night Breaks The Records With Over £7000 Collected
So much small change was collected on Saturday night it took the team of counters until Monday to get it all totalled up.  The fine weather proved to be a bonus and the great floats combined with a generous crowd made for the highest ever gala night collection.  Morag Hart of Wick Town Improvements was awaiting confirmation from the bank of the final total which last year was over £6600 - itself a new high.

Septs Of Clan Gunn
The Gunns became scattered throughout the Caithness and Sutherland area, especially in four main branches.   Here Robert M Gunn M.A. Historian and researcher sets out the background to the septs of Clan Gunn and raises some questions on the recent inclusions to the septs listings.  Robert has two web sites where you can find much more information on aspects of Scottish history and the clans.

Wick High 1974 - 1980 Reunion
A few pictures from the reunion night in Mackays Hotel, Wick on Friday.

Sunshine At Halkirk Highland Games Brought Out The Crowds

Tom Isaacs Walking Coast Of Britain For Parkinson's
Tom Isaacs himself a Parkinson's sufferer has taken a year out to walk right round the 4500 miles of the coast of Britain to raise funds to help find a cure for Parkinson's Disease.  He took a couple of hours off to visit Halkirk Highland Games on Saturday.  You can follow his progress on the web site Coastin

"A Guide To Travellers" by John Horne
Thanks to Robert Begg for sending in this poem by John Horne published in his book "The County of Caithness" in 1907.  A tongue in cheek look at his friends and neighbours and has anything changed.

History Of Caithness - Chapter Fourteen Begins
A few accounts of ministers and school teachers.  We start with Alexander Pope of Reay.
Also completed is the Table of Contents.  From this you will see that although the chapters are coming to an end there is a huge amount of information in the Appendix, Postscript, Notes and Miscellaneous sections.   This reflecting an old fashioned style of setting out a book.  Nowadays most of the information in the final sections would probably have been included within the main body of the text.  There is a lot more to come.

Scouts Back From Jamborette At Blair Atholl
Six Scouts from Wick and Thurso have recently returned home after attending the Scottish International Jamborette at Blair Atholl which ran from July 15 to July 26.  All Scouts successfully completed 14 challenges and earned the "Challenge of the White Cockade".  As part of the international experience, the Caithness Scouts are billeting 1 Canadian and 3 Austrian Scouts during their visit.  Blair Atholl Jamborette Web Site

More Examples Of How The Castle Reconstructions Were Built Up

East End V Thurso Youth Club Under 8s

Mini Highland Games - Wick
No couch potatoes here as kids from the area got going at a whole range of activities from tossing mini cabers to a variety of races both outdoors and indoors.  A whole summer of activities is on offer covering a wide variety of sports for youngsters to try out for the first time or get extra coaching with instructors. Click Here To check what Sports Activities are still available this Summer Holidays In Caithness

Whale Watching Results In Caithness
Not a great weekend for seeing whales etc. although a few dolphins were still about.

Wick Gala Scots Afternoon

Wick Gala Scots Afternoon - Folk Style Music

Wick Gala Pictures 217 - 228

Wick Gala Pictures 205 - 216

Wick Gala Pictures 197 - 204

Wick Gala Pictures 181 - 196

Wick Gala Pictures 169 - 180

Wick Gala Pictures 157 - 168

Wick Gala Pictures 145 - 156

Wick Gala Pictures 133 - 144

Wick Gala Pictures 121 - 132

Wick Gala Pictures 109 - 120

Wick Gala Pictures 97 - 108

Wick Gala Pictures 85 - 96

Wick Gala Pictures 73 - 84

Wick Gala Pictures 61 - 72

Wick Gala Pictures 37 - 48

Wick Gala Pictures 49 - 60

Wick Gala Night - More Pictures 13 - 24

Wick Gala Night Pictures 25 - 36

Wick Gala Night Pictures 1 - 12
Great Floats, Great Crowd, Great Night

Wick High Commercial Class 1952 - 1956 Reunion
The class got back together with their teachers for a great night at the Nethercliffe Hotel in Wick last night.  They send a message to Nancy in Australia "Wish you could have been here"

Ross Beveridge And Ruth MacAdie Got Married On Friday

Whale & Dolphin Watch Weekend
The national whale and dolphin watch weekend. The Rangers are organising local events in the north for the public to join in.  Take binoculars and warm clothing.  Sat 27th July Dunnet Bay 10.00am  meet at ranger centre.  Gills Bay  27th July - 11.30am.  Sunday 28th July 10.30am Strathy Point, Sutherland meet at car park at end of public road.  Sunday 28th 2pm Lybster Harbour meet at car park at harbour.

Less Tax For Community Sports Groups
Community sport will benefit as tens of thousands of clubs gain from Government changes to help community amateur sports clubs (CASCs) ease their tax bills.

No Such Thing As A Free Lunch
Well maybe!  But you can get your car, banjo, antique book or anything else advertised for FREE on the Message Board -  Items For Sale section.  Some items have sold within hours.  Just save yourself a deluge of enquiries by advising everyone once the item is sold by placing a follow up message - its FREE too - that's the Internet for you.

Fun Time With Food Recipes and Ideas For Kids
A few links here for a rainy afternoon.  And once you have made the grub check a few of the new links in Kids Links

Scrabster Harbour New Pier Latest Pictures
Scrabster Harbour Development Index

ENTECH Web Site Launched by Scorrie Internet Services
ENTECH - European Nuclear Technologies new web site from Scorrie Internet Services the business side of is launched today.  ENTECH is based on the UKAEA site at Dounreay and is a joint venture company owned by SGN a French company and Strachan & Henshaw based in Bristol and Stockport.

How The Castle Reconstructions Are Built Up
These pages are being added in reponse to enquiries about the authenticity of aspects of the castles in the final reconstructions.  Andrew Spratt has a wealth of knowledge and has carried out extensive research on each of the reconstructions.  As it might be interesting and add another dimension to the Castles section Andrew has agreed to provide some further background information that we will add here from time to time in order to help answer some of the questions being posed on aspects of the reconstructions.

Wick Gala Programme Saturday 27 July  - Saturday 3 August

Castle of Mey Gardens Open -  Thursday 25 July 2.00pm - 6.00pm

Rose Street, Thurso

Achastle Castle - Another Caithness Castle By Andrew Spratt
Built in the 15th century the ruins can still be seen.  With walls 70 feet high by 43 feet wide and over 5 feet thick it was a large building.  It was alluded to by Cordiner who wrote in 1788 that two towers were present.  It is situated where the Langwell and Berriedale rivers meet.

Relic Of Battleship HMS Howe At Dounreay Visitor Centre
A new exhibit at the Dounreay Visitor Centre reveals how armour-plated steel from a World War Two battleship has played an important role in looking after the health of thousands of workers at the site.  Several tons of steel salvaged from the hull of HMS Howe after the war has been used to shield sensitive radiation monitoring equipment from natural radioactivity during regular health checks on staff who work with nuclear materials.

Caithness Riders Access Group
A new group has been formed to look at issues surrounding access for riders in the countryside.  As the numbers of riders in the county and the north generally is on the increase the group is also concerned about the number of road accidents involving horses.

Caithness Quilters Exhibition At Thurso Town Hall
Running for two weeks until 3 August - Mon - Sat 10.00am - 5.00pm and Sunday 12.00 - 4.00pm
50p Admission and a raffle is being run to win one of the beautiful quilts on display.  The proceeds from the raffle will be donated to the new Caithness Renal Dialysis Unit.    Quilters Pages

Halkirk Highland Games - Saturday 27 July  - Opening Ceremony 12.15pm
The biggest Highland Games in the north take place on Saturday. hopes to be there with computer and digital camera - and if we can get it all worked out we hope to send pictures of anyone at the games by email as they happen for a small charge.  See you there on Saturday..............

History Of Caithness - Chapter Thirteen
This chapter covers religion in Caithness before and after the reformation, the state of education in the county and the forming of the Edinburgh Caithness Association in 1838.

Steven's Transport  - New Building At Scrabster Harbour
The skyline changes yet again at Scrabster as Steven's Transport erects a new workshop and storage facility near to its present yard and offices.

Boats And Equipment Gathered At Wick For Pipeline Float Out From Wester Yard

Wintering Snow Buntings In Caithness
Hugh Clark wrote this excellent article for the Caithness Field Club bulletin in 1992 outlining everything you need to know about this small winter visitor to Caithness.

Holidays In Slickly
The late Ian Munro, Little Clett, Brough set out his memories of life on the croft with particular emphasis on the smells he recalled.   the article was published in the 1992 bulletin of Caithness Field Club.

Latest From Ormlie
Busy time for kids at Ormlie in Thurso with a a special event on Wednesday 7 August to raise awareness of their home Zone status.  A talent competition with forms from the Ormlie office.   Lots more and local bands playing live in the evening of the Event Day.

Stroma: The Island That Died
A short history of the island by Donald Omand, the well known Caithness author in the Field Club Bulletin 1992.

Winds Of Change
This item by Geoff Leet in the 1992 Field Club bulletin sets out the information about the Windmill at at Langwell.  An interesting article in view of the current applications for wind farms in the county.

Whalebone Cruck At Dunnet
More evidence of old whaling days.

Holding A Pirate's Ball
Cannon Ball and Sinclair Arms at Murkle

Zeno At Clan Gunn - A Field Club Bulletin Article From 1992

Wick & Thurso Lifeboats Exercise With Rescue Helicopter
The two Caithness lifeboat met up with the RAF rescue helicopter from Lossiemouth to practice taking people off the boats and landing them again.   Some of the lifeboat crew from each boat were swapped over and RAF crew also came down and were lifted back.  The action all took place off the coast of Stroma in the Pentland Firth and was watched by folk at John O'Groats.

Boats At Wick Yesterday

East End Under 8s Win 12 - 0 Against Lybster
East End Boys Football Club Under 8s seem to be unbeatable this season as they now have ten wins in a row under their belt.  Coach Peter Swanson is confident his boys will win the championship as they only have two games to play.

Castletown Heritage Book "Flagstone Village" Now Available In Local Shops
Castletown Heritage Group have published a new book packed full of information about their town and the area.  The book is priced at £14.95 and is sure to be a reference guide for many years to come.  The book is available locally in newsagents or certain Post Offices - Castletown being one of them.   The book has had a limited print run so get your order in early.

Roof Going On At New Police Station In Wick
the new police station building is now getting its roofing put on with the insulation and cladding being put in place yesterday.  The building is on schedule to be ready for January 2003.

Kids Links Gets a Few Summer Ideas
Building Sand Castles? Then check the site with a few great ideas and instructions.  Want to see how the surf will be then try out the great little videos on a great site.  Web Cams for Kids showing beaches round the world and Sun Protection facts for kids. Go get em...

Castletown Heritage Group Summer Newsletter
News from the Castletown Heritage Group is that they no longer have any premises as the building they used has been sold.  The group are looking for a new place to house their collection and for exhibitions and have their eye on a Council owned building at Castlehill.  It is unlikely to be open this summer.

History Of Caithness Chapter Twelve Completed
Several of the Proprietors in the county keen Jacobites  - Alexander, now Earl of Caithness and George Sinclair of Ulbster, staunch supporters of the Hanovarian dynasty - Lord MacLeod having only got a few men to join him leaves the county - Achgillan and his band of robbers - Plot to murder and rob the Laird of Freswick - Story of Marshall, the Robber of Backlas - French Revolution and Rebellion in Ireland - The Caithness Fencibles.  Three chapters still to come and over 100 very interesting pages of Appendix packed with information on Caithness history.

Sponsored Walk For Canisbay & Dunnet Day Care Centre Raised A Great Sum
The Canisbay & Dunnet Day Care Centre committee would like to thank all the sponsors and  walkers for the amazing sum of £1,416.20.   Walkers came from Scrabster to John O’Groats and all points between, and were sponsored by people from all over the county as well as from other parts of Britain. The Centre will be an enormous asset for this remote northern corner of the county and it is very encouraging to receive such strong local support.

Autogas (LPG) Now On Sale In Wick - Will It Cut Your Motoring Costs?
A new day dawned for the fuel price situation in Caithness as Elm Tree Filling Station in Wick has opened its new pump to deliver Autogas at least for those folk with vehicles with dual fuel tanks.   The price of LPG or Autogas is considerably lower than petrol/gas whether leaded or unleaded.

Unemployment In The North Down In June
The latest report from Caithness & Sutherland Enterprise shows that The number of unemployed in Caithness and Sutherland fell from 1,031 last month to 916. The revised unemployment rates in the Sutherland, Wick and Thurso ‘Travel to Work Areas’ respectively are as follows (corresponding figures for last month are shown in brackets) 6.0% (6.9%), 5.4% (6.0%) and 2.8% (3.0%).

Calder Stone Quarry Gain Major Investment Grants Totalling £377,900
Caithness Slate Products were awarded assistance of £206,100 towards the expansion of Calder Quarry, under the finance for Business Initiative in a development which is expected to create 39 new jobs. This expansion will enable them to produce a range of new products, including polished floor tiles and roof tiles, marketed as 'Calder Stone of Caithness'.  Caithness Slate Products also received HIE Efficiency assistance of £171,800 towards the expansion of Calder quarry and their new product range.

Sutherland Brothers, Wick Get £19750 Grant for Software and Training

Voluntary Groups Grants In June From Community Investment Scheme
Grants awarded in June included - Caithness Indoor Riding Association - Upgrade riding centre in Halkirk £2,148, Halkirk Highland Games Association - Purchase PA system & tables £2,505, Berriedale & Dunbeath Community Council - Create village floral displays £500, Castletown Heritage Society - Publish book on history of Castletown £500, Caithness Sports Council  - Purchase disabled-access minibus £9,000, St. John’s Loch Improvement Association - Create equipment store at loch £1,000.

Community Planning Grants Awarded In June
Embo Community Centre Steering Committee - Feasibility study £1,000, MOBIUS Computer Recycling Group - Third year of recycling project £6,000, Helmsdale Heritage Society - Strategic Planning day £600, Pulteneytown Community Association - Set-up costs and community survey £530, Ormlie Community Association, Thurso - Staff & office costs £13,000

Nursing Assistants Being Presented With Certificates By Malcolm Chisholm
24 Pictures.  Several other nursing assistants were not available for the presentations due to holidays and shifts.  Well done everyone.

Health Minister Malcolm Chisolm Presents Certificates To Nursing Assistants In Wick
Scottish Health Minister Malcolm Chisholm visited Caithness General Hospital today and he took the opportunity to present certificates to staff who had successfully completed the Nursing Assistant Training Programme.   Mr Chisholm commended the health trust for arranging the training programme flagged up in a recent review.

Malcolm Chisholm The Scottish Health Minister Sees Site for New Renal Unit
Malcolm Chisholm the Scottish Health minister saw the area in the Caithness General Hospital that has been set aside for the new Renal Unit to be set up shortly.  The minister also met GP's representatives, saw the new Accident and Emergency Unit and met some members of the Patients Council.  He was accompanied by other health staff and in the picture are Sheena Craig, Directorate General Manager, Caroline Thomson, chairman of NHS Highland and Stewart Whiteford Chairman of Highland Acute Trust

Sanside House Gardens Open Day
Sandside House held one of the most successful open days for a garden in Caithness with over 250 people arriving to see round the gardens that have both a formal sunken garden surrounded by high walls and trees and a huge lawn with side borders overlooking Sandside bay with views to Orkney on a clear day.  With teas and a range of food on offer as well as sales of baking and plants visitors had a nice time between walks round looking and smelling the flowers and tea or coffee with plates of home baking.  all the money raised was for charity.

Bay Tree At Sandside House Gardens
An unusual tree found at Sandside is this Bay tree that would normally be found in much warmer climates such as the Mediterranean.  Speculation as to how it has survived vary between the excellent protection of the walls, house and surrounding high trees to soil conditions in that particular spot.   Whatever the reason there can be few of this particular tree if any in the county.  But do let us know of any others.

Long Views From Sandside Gardens

Sandside House, Reay
The house dates from 1751 with enlargements in 1840 and 1889 but the site may well have had earlier settlement using the excellent views of the sea and surrounding area.

Pictish Stone At Sandside House
The Sandside Gardens Open Day on Sunday also allowed many people to see the pictish stone in one corner of the garden.  The history of the area as with the rest of Caithness is very ancient and this pictish stone standing in a protected corner is only one of several found in the area.

Sanside House Dovecote
Pictures now added to the earlier article by Elizabeath Beaton that first appeared in a Caithness field Club Bulletin - "One of the final phases of pigeon husbandry was to use the captive birds for marksmanship. They were released from traps as targets in order that sportsmen might improve their aim (2), a practice which died out towards the end of the nineteenth century when it was deemed "of lowly origin", or even because the advice given in 1892 that "it is wise to shoot pigeons at recognized clubs only.

Sports And Activities for Young People In Caithness Summer 2002
Tina Robinson the sports and leisure officer for Caithness has organised a huge range of activities for young people to try this summer.  Some started in June but there are still many more coming up.  Here are a few with more to be added later.

Friends of Newtonhill Community Woodland July Meeting
Some of the members of the 'Friends' of Newtonhill Woodland met to discuss the future of Newtonhill Community Woodland.  The group gratefully received sponsorship from UKAEA for £100.  The group plan to apply for other funding in order to carry out improvement works around the woodland.

North Highland Archive Newsletter July - September 2002
See what's new in the Archive in wick as more items are recorded by the staff and volunteers.

150th Dunbeath Highland Games
Friday 19 July

Wick Landward Valuation Rolls At North Highland Archive
(Proprietors and tenants year by year) are now in the archive on microfilm from 1855  This has extended our run, which previously only started in 1878.

Caithness County Show 2002
Sat 20 July  2002 - Scrabster Farm - All the animals, Flower show, Competitions, Horse Events, Baking Competitions. Sheep shearing, Beer Tent, Tea Tent, Food, Flower Show, Motor Bike Stunt Display, Pipe Band and much more.

Rounding Up Ducks And Geese At Latheron Show
Jasmine Grant a champion sheepdog handler from Dunbeath and her two dogs proved they can round up anything that moves. Jasmine and her dogs made it look easy moving ducks and geese round a variety of obstacles.  The two dogs were controlled by Jasmine using whistle instructions.  Jasmine can round up sheep from a mile and a quarter away from where she stands using her excellent dogs.

Kids Fun At Latheron Show

Firemen Show How To Get You Out Of A Crash Vehicle In Minutes
Caithness firemen demonstrated how they can cut up a vehicle in minutes to rescue someone from a crashed vehicle.  Their equipment cut through the car like butter and they expertly took off the doors and roof before stretching the vehicle as they would do in a real emergency to get the driver or passenger out.

Dogs At Latheron Show

Old Friends Meet Up At Latheron Show
A wander round a local county show is almost certain to see people meeting up and Latheron was no exception with a  big crowd enjoying all that was on offer.

More From The Latheron Show

In the Tents At Latheron Show

Old Friends Meet Up At Latheron Show
A wander round a local county show is almost certain to see people meeting up and Latheron was no exception with a  big crowd enjoying all that was on offer.

More From The Latheron Show

In the Tents At Latheron Show

Wick Pipe Band Fancy Dress Night

Highland Dancers At Pipe Band Fancy Dress Night
Wick Pipe Band Week went out in style again with their now annual Fancy Dress Night to end a very successful week of parades, ceilidhs and Scottish entertainment.  The pipe band, singers, dancers and much more can be seen every Wednesday evening at the Pipe Band Hall where they have summer shows starting at 8.00pm.   Lots of local talent from Caithness...check it out when you come to Wick.

Horses At Latheron Show

Vintage Machinery At Latheron Show

Fun At Latheron Show
There were plenty of kids ready to have ago at old fashioned pillow fights on the slippery pole at the Latheron Show.  There was a big crowd out at the show helped no doubt by the gloriously sunny day.  The ground was in excellent condition  - dry and firm.   There was plenty of entertainment throughout the day and more pictures coming later.

Latheron Show 2002 - First Pictures

History of Caithness - Chapter Twelve Begins
John Sinclair of Murkle succeeds to the Earldom - Duel between Sinclair of Olrig and Innes of Sandside.  To see what is coming next check the Contents Page.

New Arts Development Officer For Caithness
The Highland Council has appointed Tom Bryan to be the first Arts Development Officer for Caithness. Based within the Council's Education, Culture and Sport Service in Wick, his job will be to encourage and help sustain the arts in Caithness, ranging from music and drama, to literature, film, crafts and the visual arts.

Biodiversity Action Planning Comes To Caithness
A group of nine enthusiastic volunteers have come together under the auspices of the Highland Biodiversity Project to identify and start to implement actions for biodiversity in Caithness. The 'Caithness Biodiversity Group' was formed out of a successful biodiversity workshop, which was held in Thurso in May.

East End Under 8's Unstoppable - Ninth Consecutive Win
East End Under 8s team beat Thurso Pentland 4-2. This is the ninth league win on the trot for the unstoppable under 8's. Salim Ahmed scored all 4 goals for East End.  Other pictures are mixed U8, u10 and U12 just before boarding bus to return to Wick.

Countryside Volunteers Tidy Up Dunbeath Strath Trees
Members of Caithness Countryside Volunteers were out at Dunbeath Strath last Sunday tidying up an area of broad leaved trees near the Mill.  Part of the day was spent removing the old plastic tubes originally put in to protect the young trees but now getting too tight.  Anyone interested in joining the group should contact the ranger service to find out about their outings in the county.

150th Dunbeath Highland Games Friday 19 July
All the information for this year is on the New Games web site.

JGC Gains £2.2million Contract From UKAEA
A £2.2 million contract to modernise part of the ventilation system in the Fuel Cycle Area at Dounreay has been awarded by UKAEA to Caithness-based JGC Engineering and Technical Services.

What's Happening At Timespan, Helmsdale
Sunday 14 July from 12 noon  - Guest speaker is Agnes Walker MSC PhD, Botanical Recorder (Scottish Islands), whose new book on the traditional uses of herbs is due out this autumn. The talk will be followed by a buffet lunch (£7.50).

History Of Caithness - Chapter Eleven
The late Earl before his death, sells property and title to John Campbell of Glenorchy - Glenorchy marries the countess dowager - George Sinclair of Keiss disputes the title - Battle of Altimarlach - The Sinclairs lose the day - Anecdote of Glenorchy's piper - Glenorchy hated by the inhabitants of Caithness - His estate in the county divided into several portions and sold.

Pulteneytown People's Project - Minutes of 3 July 2002

Prince Charles Visits Caithness Creels, Wick
Prince Charles included a visit to Caithness Creels in Wick on his tour of the county.  He was shown the whole process of creel manufacture at the highly successful factory in Wick.  He chatted to many of the workers about their work and still took time to have a word with people waiting outside despite getting behind with his planned schedule.  Earlier in the day he had been to Ormlie Community Project in Thurso  and Alastair Pilkington Glass Studio in Lybster.

Spotted In Crowd At Caithness Creels - All The Way From Canada
We spotted our old friend who is often surfing - Betty Schmidt and her husband were over for a short visit.  Betty originally from Caithness moved to Canada many years ago when she got married.   Betty has kept up to date with Caithness via the web site for the last three years

Wick High Commercial Class 1953
Another picture from Frieda Murray (nee Henderson)  Lots of names missing in this one  and if anyone can help out then send them in.

Rechabites In The 1920's
Who were the Rechabites? They were a temperance group something akin to the Band of Hope.  This picture was sent in Frieda Murray (nee Henderson of her Grandfather James Henderson with his group of young people.  If you know others n the picture let us know.

Pulteneytown People's Project Fun Day & Area Clean Up
A very successful afternoon run by the newly named Pulteneytown People's Project saw a major clean-up by residents and a local contractor.  After cleaning up the fields and burn area of substantial amounts of rubbish the group ran a barbecue and games afternoon at South School.  The winners of various competitions including the design of a new logo were announced and a huge raffle drawn with councillor Jim Oag in attendance.

Castletown Gala Pictures

Castletown Gala Pictures

Castletown Gala Pictures

Castletown Gala Pictures

Castletown Gala Pictures

Wick Lifeboat Harbour Evening

Wick Pipe Band Week Gets Going Tonight (Saturday)
You can check out what is happening for the whole week at the bands web site but they start on Saturday evening at 7.00pm playing in the Market Square with the Elise Lyall Highland Dancers putting on a display. There will also be vocalists and a Scottish Dance Band

Castletown Gala Week
Saturday 6 July - Friday 12 July

Children's Fancy Dress Night Tonight (Saturday) At Lybster Gala
On Sunday its the Football for juniors and fun challenge match with Caithness Junior Pipe Band in attendance.

Thurso Windsock - Doctored by Ian MacAskill
Ian spotted this picture that some of you may have seen in other places.  This time altered for Thurso but it could apply to any part of the world where wind is not in short supply.  We should add that June, July and August are not overly windy even in Caithness.  Come in January - March sometimes and you might not find the windsock even if its made of chain.

Presenter Carolyn Spray In Caithness With Beechgrove Garden For BBC TV
Isabel More, Mansefield, Watten had the Beechgrove Garden TV Crew at her home yesterday to help build a small patio area as part of the TV programme scheduled to go out on BBC on Thursday 18 July at 8.30pm.

Winning East End Football Club Teams At Halkirk Competition

Prince Charles In Lybster Today To Open Alastair Pilkington Glass Studio
Prince Charles visited Lybster today to open the Alastair Pilkington Glass Studio.  Northlands Creative Glass have been heavily involved in bringing renowned glass artists to Caithness and this latest development puts Caithness on the map as one of the leading places to learn the techniques of artistic glass making.

Thurso Road, Wick
Not quite all the houses but enough to let you see the variety of building styles that have been used over the years in the gradual stretching out of Thurso Road.  This street has been added using our new gallery system now being used for all our groups of pictures.

Thurso East Castle - The Later One Before Demolition
Thanks to Shelagh Moir for another picture.  This one of Thurso East Castle as it was before demolition in 1952 leaving the roofless building you can now see from Thurso harbour and many other vantage points along the coast.  A footpath takes you right up to the beach side of this castle which replaced earlier ones.  It was built 1872 - 8 by Sir Tollemache Sinclair.

Strathy School
This picture shows both the old school and the schoolhouse.  Although just outside of Caithness we have included it as there may be some interest in the schools of Sutherland and if we acquire others a new section will be created to contain them.  If anyone would like to contribute information on the old schools in either county please get in touch.

Taransay Fiddlers Take Up Residence
The Hebridean Island which was home to BBC television's Castaway 2000 is being invaded again - this time by folk from much nearer home.  From July 15-19th Taransay will be home to fiddlers from Lewis and Harris - Fidhleirean Eilean an Fhraoich - who will host a week of top class fiddle tuition.

History of Caithness - Second Half of Chapter Ten
Cromwell plants a garrison in Ackergill Tower - Curious Extracts from the Session Records of Canisbay regarding some of his troops that were stationed there - Raids in Caithness by the Mackays of Strathnaver - Severe reprisal by the Laird of Dunbeath - The Earl of Caithness a supporter of the Government in suppressing Conventicles - Appears before the Presbytery in that capacity - His Death.

Disabled Parking Bays In Inverness
Traffic Wardens Launch Booklet To Assist Disabled Drivers to Find Parking In Inverness. Copies of the new brochure can be obtained from the libraries, the council service point on Church Street, Tourist Information Centre, the bus and railway station, Burnett Road and police stations across the Highlands.

Pulteneytown Academy School's Jubilee End Of Term Barbecue

Rangers  & CASEG Litter Campaign Competition Winners
Bower, Dunbeath and Thrumster schools were all winners in the litter campaign competitions run by the Ranger Service and Caithness And Sutherland Environmental Group (CASEG).

Early Lybster Harbour
As can be seen from this old picture Lybster was one of the harbours that experienced the great Herring Booms of the nineteenth century.  The general layout of the harbour is pretty much as it was in the days when large numbers of small boats used it.  Information on this can be found at the Waterlines Fishing Museum that now occupies a renovated building at the harbour.

Highland Youth Voice Web Site Voted Web Site Of The Month
The Highland Youth Voice website, has been selected "Website of the month" by UK Youth - the leading organisation for young people and youth workers using the Internet for learning.

Greenland School
Here is another old school long since closed in Caithness.  It is thought to have been built about 1912 - 1914 and surprisingly is referred to as the new school as another even older one lies next door.  both old schools are houses.  A newer house built in the 1960s for the teacher shortly before it closed is on the other side.

Future of Initiative At The Edge
An innovative programme to help some of Scotland's most far-flung communities is set to continue for the foreseeable future.  Targeting eight of the most remote and fragile areas of the Highlands and Islands including our near neighbour North Sutherland Iomairt aig an Oir (Initiative at the Edge) was set up in 1998 by the then Scottish Office as a pilot programme to put communities in the driving seat for the development of their areas.

Halkirk Gala  - Children's Fancy Dress

Keiss Castle From The Sea
The old Keiss Castle stands right on the shore in front of the later Keiss castle which is really a large country house.  Here are some views taken from the sea.

Thurso High Class 1974
Karen's latest news and updates as the date 24 August 2002 gets closer.  Have you got your tickets?  Final details are all in place on the page and letters out from the organisers. 

History of Caithness - Chapter 10  - First Half
1650  - Landing of Montrose in Caithness - He takes up his headquarters in Thurso - Compels the Heritors and Ministers to sign a bond of allegiance, which they all do except the Minister of Bower - Is joined by Sinclair of Brims, Hugh Mackay of Dirlet, and Hutcheon Mackay of Scoury - Lays siege to the Castle of Dunbeath, which soon surrenders - Is defeated on the confines of Ross-shire, apprehended by MacLeod of Assynt, sent to Edinburgh, and executed - Castle of Dunbeath retaken  - Henry Graham, the brother of Montrose, makes his escape to Orkney.

Dunnet Head Tearoom Is Also A Tourist Information Point
If you need information about the Dunnet Bay area an increasing amount can be found at Dunnet Head tearooms that is now an official Tourist Information point in partnership with Highlands of Scotland Tourist Board (HOST).  They also offer Bed and Breakfast or can give you details of all the places to stay nearby.  They also offer a varied menu including vegetarian food.

Pulteneytown Community Group
Barbecue on Saturday 6 July 1.30pm at South School open to all.  All sort of fun including bouncy castle.  Before that residents and friends will be cleaning up the burn area.  Maybe we can all give a hand to get rid of all the rubbish in one day.  Clean up starts at 12.00. and barbecue follows.  The group will now be called the Pulteneytown People's Project and there is a children's competition to design a new logo.  A summer playgroup will be set up for local families.

Thurso Pipe Band In Full Swing For The Summer
Thanks to Paul Cannop for these pictures of Thurso Pipe Band on their first outing in Thurso for the summer.

South School, Wick - Rain Forest Day
South School followed on a recent visit to the school by aboriginal dancers with their own Rain Forest studies and dances all rehearsed and performed on the same day last week.  Beverley Sarstedt who runs dance classes in Caithness choreographed the dances and had the older children ready for the afternoon performances - a day packed with information about rain forests, people and their cultures. 

Wick's New Police Station - Latest Pictures


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