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John Horne

John Horne edited and wrote parts of "The County of Caithness" published in 1907. There were about 15 different contributors to the book.

We're Kaitness Fowk for a' That
Funny Isn't It?
Div Ye Mind

Here is a short poem by John Horne taking a tongue in cheek view of Caithness fowk.

"A Guide to Travellers"

If you have got the tramper's boast,
And up to Northern part you post,
When you perceive a rocky coast
You may surmise it's Caithness.

If you see flagstones (set on end)
By ditch and field their forms extend;
And should the trees to landward bend,
You may infer it's Caithness.

If from their cots the natives creep,
And bid you welcome warm and deep,
Yet eye you with a quizzing peep,
You may conclude it's Caithness.

And should they ask your parentage,
Your name, your business, hours and wage,
And what you've saved and what's your age,
You may be sure it's Caithness!