News Archive - October 2001

Christian Couper of Thurso-Eighteenth Century Woman
A midwife who recorded her work and her records survived to allow us to see what babies were born around the county that she was involved with.

Reay Sculptured Stones
The old burial ground at Reay has a number of heraldic, sculptured, flat gravestones

Wrecks Of The Pentland Firth 1830 - 1890
Due to the numbers of wrecks during these years the article has been split into sections -
1830-1846    1847-1865    1866-1883    1884-1890

Eigtheenth Century Sea Battle In The Kyle Of Tongue
"Yesternight we heard in the evening throng cannonading to the eastward. Some thought the noise too loud to be far off, and too low to be near; but this afternoon we are told it was an engagement between a French ship and one of our men-of-war".

Donny Campbell, Castletown And Sister In Australia
Donny Campbell from Castletown  and his sister Isa Page (nee Campbell) seen here on his visit.  Donny is in Brisbane visiting the trotting track.  You can't go anywhere these days but it gets back.  Pictures from John Page

The Burial Grounds of Caithness & Sutherland
This interesting article was published in April 1983  - the lists of recorded burial grounds have been added to greatly since then. The books on the Monumental Inscriptions edited by AS Cowper & I Ross are still available.

News Links For Children And Young People
Just added today a few links to news sites aimed at younger people.  the sites have other interesting features and some have teachers sections.

Air Operations OF RAF Wick Jan - Dec 1941
At R.A.F. Wick, the year 1941 was to prove similar in many ways to the preceding year - a steady routine of convoy protection and general reconnaissance patrols punctuated by attacks on U-boats and enemy shipping off the Norwegian coastline. The greatest coup of that year belonged to Wick's Photographic Reconnaissance Unit which found and photographed the "Bismarck" and the "Prinz Eugen" in a Norwegian fjord.

Even More Brownie Halloween Pictures

More Brownie Halloween Pictures
A few more coming later.

6th Wick Brownies Halloween Party
This group were having a great time up to all the usual halloween games and getting their faces painted .  More pictures later. If any other groups would like Halloween pictures taken free of charge  - get in touch.  Or send your own ones in to us.

Silver Spoon And Sweyty Sock
Jenny Stewart take another wry look at Caithness life in this poem.

New Houses At Heathfield, Thurso Forging Ahead

Recruitment Drive Underway at Dounreay
If you are looking for a job in Caithness now would be a good time to check our jobs section.  A wide range of posts are on offer at UKAEA.

Grove Lane, Thurso

New Legislation May Increase Homelessness
There is growing concern in the Highlands that the mandatory licensing of houses in multiple occupation will result in the closure of some houses because the owners will not be able to meet new standards, with a resultant increase in homeless people.

Wick High 49 - 51 Reunion Group Donation
To Caithness Kidney Dialysis Support Group

Thurso East Election Arrangements
Thursday 29 November is the day set for the election in Thurso East for a new Highland Councillor following Falconer Waters stepping down for health reasons.  The election will only be held if there is more than one candidate and at present we know of only one  - Colin Punler for Labour. Let us know if you are intending to stand.

Neil Gunn And Dunbeath
The late Jess Campbell contributed this selection from Neil Gunn on Dunbeath for the April 1984 issue of Caithness Field Club Bulletin.

Freswick Links, Caithness
The fourth season of survey and third excavation season was undertaken at Freswick links in August and September 1982.  We hope to follow up with later reports on Freswick Links.

Wrecks Of the Pentland Firth 1918 - 1933
Hardly a year goes by without a wreck in the Pentland Firth.  This extensive list shows how dangerous it can be and even today with modern equipment they still run aground in bad weather.

An Early Royal Visit To Thurso
In 1874 the railway was opened from Inverness up to the north - largely financed by the Earl of Caithness and the Duke of Sutherland.    So what more natural that the Prince and Princess of Wales, who were paying their first visit to the north.

Thurso Combination Poorhouse
This is the large building which is situated on the Thurso road just before you enter Halkirk - it operated well into the 20th century.

Badryrie Project 1984
In 1984 the Caithness Field Club organised a small project to save a small woodland and fenced it off from grazing animals to see if it would regenerate.  Does anyone know if that was successful and is the wood surviving.  Hopefully we will get pictures in coming months.

Long Views At Braemore

Braemore Today 28 October 2001
Caithness Field Club were not put off by the damp weather today and went searching for the salmon spawning places on Berriedale Water at Braemore.
Field Club Pictures

New Police Station In Wick - Bus Depot Demolished
The new police station construction work is about to begin following the demolition of the old bus depot.  We will be following progress over coming months in the Wick pages.

Prison Life In Inverness Between 1700 and 1720
About the end of the 17th century John Sinclair of Rattar, in Caithness, became indebted to Alexander Rorison, in Thurso, in the sum of £1400 and, on his failure to pay, the machinery of the law was set in motion, with the result that, in May 1700 he was confined as a debtor within the prison of Tain.  Keep those credit cards locked up this Christmas

Paul Cannop Snaps Seals On Thurso River
Paul came across this group of seals earlier this week relaxing opposite the British Legion.  Must have forgotten their membership cards.

First Caithness.Org Chatroom Lunch
A historic day in the Caithness.Org chat as Bill, Colin and Niall met some of the chat folk in Mackays Hotel, Wick for lunch today.  Most had only met in the chatroom and as Betty was over from Canada it seemed a great idea.  Over lunch a whole range of plots were hatched and more on one later.

Dunnet Bay SSSI - Historical and Present Day Ecology
Kira Ward contributed this article to the Caithness Field Club Bulletins.  It gives an excellent overview of this unusual area of Caithness.

Caithness Lighthouses
This article on the lighthouses by Helen Mowat draws together the facts on the main Caithness lighthouses.  It was originally published in the Caithness Field Club Bulletin.

Roads and Tracks Through History Part Three
Part three of George Watson's articles on the routes through Caithness in the past deals with "Tracks, Fords and Chapels".  If you want to read from the start go to Part One "Historical Roads" and then Part Two "Unrecorded Ways".

Behavioural Patterns of Drug Users In Highland
This is the report about which Highland Health Board announced new measures two days ago.  Drugs News & Links

George And The Hammock
George's all time favourite bed - The Hammock slung on a radiator.  Its got the lot - comfort, just high enough to keep an eye on everything and plenty of heat to warm up the furry material of the hammock making up a sling on a frame - luxury.  But George has lots of places to sleep.

Sailing Directions For The North Coast
This article with maps was first published by Caithness Field Club in April 1985.

Caithness Amateur Athletic Club A Short History
Fiona Clasper has written a  short article showing what happened since the start of the club.  Get your groups story together and enter it in the sports pages.  Remember to enter your groups events in the what's On section and send reports in for the new Sports Pages.

Caithness FM Looking For New Radio Presenters
Bill was reporting on the web site and awards on Caithness FM this week.  It turns out they are looking for new presenters.  Could you fill Jim Cowan's seat with a show of your own.  Find out  - contact details on the page.

These Guys Were Celebrating a Record Landing in 1983
The crew of the Wick boat Boy Andrew had a lot to celebrate as they smashed the previous record for a landing nearly doubling the value of one catch landed with a value of £45,071.
Pictures from the Hillhead school project.

Links Section Still Growing
New links sections continue to be added although they are not always mentioned  on the front page.  Today we have added a list for Sutherland and Afghanistan with updating newslinks.

"Golden Spinney" Crew in 1960's
Gregor Cowie sent in this picture for the Hillhead school project. It shows the Golden Spinney showing his grandad William Reid and friend James Mackay.

Drug Users In Highlands Get More Services
Highland Health Board are taking action following a report commissioned by them on drug users that outlines the risk taking practices currently used by them.

Firework Safety Warning & Police Message
With November 5 approaching the dangers of fireworks are once again highlighted by police forces who warn that use of fireworks in public places will result in arrests and charges.  Check out the safety rules on the link we have provided to UK firework Safety pages.

Cooking Celebrities Sell Out In Thurso Last Night
 Local Chefs from Ackergill Tower and Portland Arms Hotel did the demonstrations while Ashley Cowie of Three Seas Fish compered the evening.  The evening in aid of Cancer Research was a great success with a full house.

Items For Sale Getting Busier
You can now buy a suite of furniture, computer, car and even a house on the message board.  Ask for other people's unwanted items and find a bargain.  This and more in Items For Sale in the Message Boards and its all FREE to advertise.  Look out your unwanted items now and turn it into cash for Christmas.  Restricted to individuals.

Edinburgh Caithness Association History
We complete the history of the association up to 1949 the year it was originally written to.  The final sections are Meetings and Funds, 1934 On, 1939 - 1949.   If anyone has any memories of attending the Edinburgh Caithness Association we would be happy to add them to the section.

1953 Herring Queen on WK197 Jeannie Mackay
More pictures from the great collection by Hillhead school in their recent prize winning history exhibition.  Here is one from Ailsa Cowie who was in primary 6 last year of her granny Jean Reid (Adamson) as an attendant landing with others and the Herring Queen at Wick harbour.  Click here for the start of the collection.

The Steam Drifter "Brae Flett" around 1925
Another from the Hillhead school collection from Roddy Mackay showing his Great Grandad George Manson and crew and shows how unlike today the harbour was a busy place.

David John Mackenzie - "Golden Spinney"
This picture submitted by Ailsa Cowie showing the skipper looking out from a typical wheelhouse in the 1950's and 1960's

"The Two Boys" 1947 - Built For Herring & White Fish
Rona Plowman submitted this picture showing the launch of her great, great uncle's boat "Two Boys" the first built to catch herring and white fish

Residential Care Homes Agree New Fees In Highlands
The long running wrangling over the rates for residential care for elderly people in the Highlands has finally reached an end with the signing of a new scale of care fees.  With some homes refusing to take on new residents and others looking as if they would close the agreement comes just in time......more

Lewis Music Press  - Another Scorrie Web Site
Andrew Duncan who until recently was the principal tuba player with the Halle Orchestra, Manchester has moved to the Western Isles and set up his own music publishing company Lewis Music Press.   Andy who is commissioned regularly by brass bands around the world to write and arrange music now has his own web site to promote his work.  His new base in Lewis proving yet again that the Internet is overcoming the location problems formerly associated with the Highlands and Islands.

Caithness Celebrity Cooks Night
The chefs from Ackergill Tower and Portland Arms combine tonight at 7.30pm for a cooking demonstration showing what can be done with meat and fish. Get along to the Royal British Legion in Thurso.  The night is in aid of Cancer Research and is being sponsored by Bews Meats, Bews Butchers and Three Seas Fish.

Dounreay Opens New Waste Treatment Plant
A £6 million investment in the treatment of low-level radioactive waste at Dounreay came officially on stream with the opening of WRACS( Waste Receipt Assay Characterisation and Supercompaction).  The new plant will significantly reduce the volume of solid low-level waste.

Scottish Championship Tarmac Rally
Two Caithness Car Club crews travelled down the 250 miles to compete.

Edinburgh Caithness Association History Continued
Pushing on with more of the history with the Annual Gathering of 1923 and the Amalgamation of the Edinburgh Caithness and Edinburgh John O'Groats Associations.  Yes its amazing to think that Edinburgh had two Caithness organisations in up to the 1920's.  More to come tomorrow.

Scrabster Busy As Landings Increase In Value
Scrabster is now the third most successful Scottish port based on landings in the last few years since 1995.   Last year landings were valued at over £22 million.  The port is busy with boats from Orkney, Shetland and abroad as well as local boats making landings.

Wick Harbour Trust Appeal Non Designated Status
The Wick Harbour Trust is pushing ahead with its appeal against not being a designated landing port for many species of fish. The reduction in its income is directly attributed to the European decision not to designate Wick despite its long history in fishing.  Landings dropped to £1.7 million last year and were mainly in shellfish.  Wick has now dropped to 20th in the Scottish list.

Last Few Days Of Caithness Quilters Exhibition
The exhibition finishes on 27 October at St Fergus Gallery in Wick.

New Houses At Scrabster
New houses seem to be in great demand at Scrabster and they continue to increase in number at this small estate near the harbour.

Holborn Place, Scrabster
Holborn Place and surrounding streets were built a few years ago and are well established.  A short walk gives you views of Scrabster Harbour or up the hill to the sculpture or along to the gloup at Holborn Head.

New Pier At Scrabster Starting In Next Few Days
The harbour is getting ready for the start of work on the new pier that is to be completed by August 2002.  Pile driving will commence shortly.  The new road out to Holborn Head was completed on time and is in place for the next stage of biggest extension of the harbour since it was built.

New Scrabster Lifeboat Base
The new lifeboat base built as part of the new harbour developments is nearing completion.  The old lifeboat shed had to be demolished as it stood in the way of the new road that now runs out to the lighthouse.

History Of The Edinburgh Caithness Association
Thanks to Cath Tod of Edinburgh Caithness Association for preparing the history for the web site.  The history runs from 1837 to 1949. The first parts up to the First World War are in and the rest will follow as soon as we have the pages ready.

More Pictures OF Wick Junior Choir

Data Protection Scam In Highlands
Businesses in the Highlands are being advised to be on their guard against bogus Enforcement Agency and Registration Services that are sending out final notices for notification under the Data Protection Act 1988. Both the "Data Collection Enforcement Agency" and "Data Protection Act Registration Service" are believed to be targeting Highland businesses and institutions.

Additional Historical Information  - Sinclair Castles
We are working on further information that will be added to this section on the plans of the Clan Sinclair Trust for the castles of Sinclair and Girnigoe, the Study Centre and the nature reserve and upgrades of the area around Noss Head including road improvements and other facilties.  Links are on the pages to the Clan Sinclair Trust web site and we intend to keep adding to the pages over the next couple of years.  Clan Sinclair and will work together to keep you informed of work as it progresses.  Once work starts pictures will be on the web site.  Meanwhile tremendous efforts are underway by the members of the Trust to raise the necessary funds.

World Monument Listing for Sinclair & Girnigoe
Sinclair and Girnigoe Castles have been listed among 101 sites as being among the most endangered in the world on the 2002 list prepared by the World Monuments Fund.  The list normally 100 has had the Lower Manhatten area added to make 101 as a special measure.

Brubster - Pre Improvement Agriculture
Donald Omand wrote this article for the Caithness Field Club Bulletin in April 1986.  It gives a glimpse of early agriculture and the diets and conditions of the 17th and 18th centuries in Caithness.  The same issue also had the article by I K Butler A Brief History of Brubster we published a few weeks ago.

Roads & Tracks Through Local History - Part Two
The second part of George Watson's look at roads and tracks in Caithness.

Three Sisters Identified - Do you Know Anyone Else?
The first three names have been picked out from this picture of a Sewing Class run by Betsy Lord.  Thanks to John Page and his wife in Australia.

Dynamics of Rural Areas (DORA)
A new draft report has been published on the Aberdeen University web site. In Scotland the DORA team from the Arkleton Centre investigated differential economic performance in Orkney and Caithness in the Highlands and Islands and Annandale & Eskdale and Wigtownshire in Dumfries and Galloway.   You will need to have Adobe Acrobat to read report that is in pdf format.  Click here to download the Acrobat Reader.  Any comments to the Message Boards

Caithness May Get Two New Archaeological Trusts
Nan Bethune, chairman of Dunbeath Preservation Trust last night spearheaded a move towards forming two new Caithness archaeological trusts.  The huge range and diversity of barely touched sites in the county has been recently added to with the first Mesolothic site in northern Scotland proving mans existence in Caithness shortly after the last ice age.  Two new trusts may be formed.

Another Quilt From The Quilters Exhibition In Wick
Still a week and a half left of the exhibition at the St Fergus Gallery In Wick.

Unseen Sites Around Loch Watenan
A Walk with Gordon Wilson Sunday 21 October 9.30am
A day walking round a huge range of sites that Gordon knows well.  Take a look at the list and you will begin to realise that Caithness has a huge history barely seen by visitors as it is for the most part unmarked by signposts.  Get along to this walk and you will see thousands of years of Caithness history unfold.

Scottish Folk Music
Thursday 25 October 8.00pm - Lyth Arts Centre
The Wrigley sisters in concert

Jazz/Rock + Piano Trio
Saturday 3 November 8.00pm - Lyth Arts Centre
Head 2 Head and Martin Weightman

More Pictures From The Wick High 49-51 Reunion

George Checks Out Winter Sleeping Arrangements
Winter may not quite be here but that does not mean to say George is unprepared.  Working out the best spots to pass the cold days ensures the ultimate in a cats rest days.  George is an experienced sleeper and can snore with the best of them in the long winter ahead.  But it is rigorous practice and determination to get the right spots that ensure a warm spot in the sun on the sofa or that the new snoozzzeee bed is just the right temperature beside the radiator.   Follow George as she tests them over the next couple of weeks.

Edinburgh Castle About 1400
The latest castle from Andrew Spratt as we continue to restore Castles gone from other web sites.   We now have 12 Caithness and 11 other castle reconstructions on the site with more to come.  We will continue to add information and pictures.  Let us know if you have any useful information to add.   Check out the castle section in full.

Looking For Funding Ideas Or News
Our funding links pages gives you just a few ideas on where to start looking in the funding jungle.

The Sinclair Macdonald Collection
A Major Addition To North Highland Archive, Wick.  The Sinclair Macdonald collection is the most wide-ranging collection of architect's drawings available for this part of Scotland. Principally concentrating on Caithness, many plans are also available for Sutherland and Orkney, with some going further afield.

Another Example From The  Quilter's Exhibition
A great range of work is on display at the St Fergus Gallery, Wick until the 27 October

Balvenie Castle and Crichton Castle
More of Andrew Spratt's reconstructions.  These are among others that have gone from other web sites and that we are now putting back.

MacDonald War Galley
Andrew Spratt produces other reconstructions in addition to castles.  The MacDonald war galley is of a mid 1400's period and would be like the galley ships used by the the Gunns, Keiths and Sinclairs up and down the coast of Caithness.

Spynie Palace Reconstruction
Spynie Palace near Elgin sits beside Loch Spynie

Another Web Site Gets A Banner On Caithness.Org
Escape To The Edge has a range of great holiday ideas for the Highlands and Islands.  Look out for the banner on the site or find the link in our holiday links.  They are also running a competition for a free trip to Scotland.  So why not get over and fill out your details.  You could be lucky.  Banners go round several web sites for increased coverage.

More From The Hospital Chimney

Capital Of Culture 2008 - Inverness Is Up And Running
Inverness recently awarded city status in the UK is mounting a bid to be European Capital of Culture in 2008.  Young people from the Highlands will be in Brussels shortly to help make the case for Inverness.

Mairi Nicolson's October Letter From Antarctic
Mairi and her colleagues survived the recent fire at Rothera base albeit at the loss of a valuable Laboratory.  they are getting ready for the time of year when they can get on with a lot of their outdoor work.  Check out the new seal pup she saw.

Caithness Quilters Exhibition
Caithness Quilters have only been going for a year and already they are mounting their first major exhibition in the St Fergus Gallery, Wick.  It runs until 27 October and you might be surprised at the amount of needlework that they have already carried out.  With examples ranging from quilts, boxes, Christmas decorations and more.  Check it out and if you cannot get to Wick we will be bringing you samples every day this week starting with a bumper lot today.  Quilters will be on hand on many days at the gallery to answer your questions or demonstrate.

More From The Top Of The Hospital Chimney
This view shows how Wick is surrounded with rich farmland.  The high rainfall, temperate climate ensure that although the spring comes late long daylight in summer makes grass grow very fast to catch up with the rest of the UK.

Wick Junior Choir 1955
Frieda Murray (nee Henderson) has sent in this picture of the choir that she sang in.  Wick Junior Choir of that time was very well known and travelled throughout the UK singing.

Wick Viewed From Caithness General Hospital Chimney
Whilst up to take a couple of pictures of the abseilers it was a good opportunity to view the town and surrounding countryside.  Here are the first of the pictures with more to come later.

Boosting Salmon Flow At Loch Shurrery

Tourist Accommodation In Caithness
If you have any type of holiday accommodation in Caithness then you can add a picture to your business page absolutely free.  No catches and no charges.  Help us build the most comprehensive guide to Caithness Accommodation.  Send a picture for your page by email or post.

The Final Batch Of Abseil Pictures

More Dare Devil Pictures

North Highland Archive Autumn Newsletter
Check out what's being added to the extensive collections such as the plans from a local Architect firm or the updates in the shipping registers and other new acquisitions.

Pecan Pie From Oakland Fire Brigade, California
We are building up a list of tasty pies.  Do let us know once you have made one how they turn out.  If you have any other good recipes to share send them into one of the sections or suggest a new one to place it in.  Any good food stories also welcome for the new Food Fun section.

More Wings Over Wick
What did folk stationed in Caithness think of Wick and its people?  Where did they fly to?  No pubs then but plenty of parties.  Bit like today but there are plenty of pubs now. Flying over the Sagerrak and Kattegat, searching for U-boats, Attack in Alesund Harbour, searching for the "Tirpitz". 

Susan Robertson, Rosebank Wing Another Abseiler
The staff from Caithness General made up the biggest group of people from one place clambering down the chimney on Saturday.  Rosebank Wing had a whole team and even a piper to play some of them down.  Next years challenge might be the pillar under the Dunbeath Bridge if they can get permission.  and the thoughts are that it is even bigger than the Caithness General Chimney.

Wings Over Wick Starting Squadrons 48 & 608
The next section on the memories of the men and women stationed at RAF, Wick continues with a section covering two squadrons.  First in is from E Robinson who was a wireless operator/air gunner, flying in Lockheed Hudson aircraft. In December 1941 the squadron was posted to Wick

Youngest Abseiler - Robert Spence From Auckengill
Robert (Age 11) was the youngest person to try abseiling to raise funds for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Trust.  People of many ages took part on nice bright day in Caithness.

More Abseil Pictures
Everyone was very happy going up and even when they came back down again.  Most people had never tried this before and organisers were surprised how quickly everyone came down.  Must be something in the Caithness air that makes natural mountaineers.

Abseiling Down Wick's Tallest Chimney For Charity
54 hardy folk in Caithness raised £10,000  today for the Anthony Nolan Bone Marrow Marrow Trust.  From the youngest 11 year old Robert Spence from Auckengill right up to Grandmothers they climbed the ladders inside the Caithness General hospital chimney and abseiled down the outside.  All of the abseilers were being sponsored by friends and neighbours.  Many hospital staff took part.  The Anthony Nolan Trust in the UK run the worlds biggest Bone Marrow register with over 300,000 potential donors.  The Trust raises all of its own money and has no government help and pays for operations for people with leukemia and other bone related diseases.  The trust was set up in 1974.  Now on to the pictures inside.

Gills Pier Where The New Ferry Service To Orkney Runs
The Pentalina B preparing to take its next load of cars, vans and passengers to sail to St. Margaret's Hope in Orkney.  This was the scene at 5.30pm Friday evening where everything looked set for a calm passage.

e Food Fun With Katie Crofter
Just when you thought the Recipe section was gonna be just about food along comes Katie Crofter to give you an insight into her cooking week.  Take a look at how she made sure that Bob kept Body and soul together last week through her dietary diary.

A Visit To Town - Another Essay By Sarah Reid 1910

Advertising Your Property Is Getting Easier
For £15 you can get your house or any property in our property section and we won't charge you again.  Yes that's it  - you pay only once till its sold.  Think about it.  Its there week after week and all for one payment.  It might be cheaper than you think to reach the whole world with your property ad.

Dunnet Bay 5.00pm Friday Evening
Dunnet Bay Friday evening had a slight breeze with the sea being whisked onto the sand in a slight spray.  But it you turned your head slightly you got the sun pushing through the clouds.  The caravan site is deserted and I bet they wish they could have stayed for this.

Best Business To Business Web Site In UK
Working from a converted chicken shed the guys at have won the top award - congratulations.  They make all manner of sounds and voice-overs. 

Caithness Guide Association Looking For Leaders
The Guide Association need new people to help them run their organisation in Caithness.  If you want to get involved check out their page and give them a ring.

More Thurso Triathlon Pictures Now In

Cindy's Chocolate Silk Pie
In Cindy's own words "SOOOOOO GOOD you will think you are in heaven."  If you have a recipe email it to us for the section.  If there is not a section that fits your recipe don't worry -  we will build a new one.

Another Prophetic Essay
What Scotland will be a Hundred Years Hence - Written in 1910.  Following David Nicol's Essay that we published a couple of days ago this one was retrieved from the rubbish 20 years ago and was written in 1910 by Sarah Reid of Keiss Primary school.  After reading this one maybe we should think more closely about the one earlier in the week.

Wings Over Wick
Another 7 accounts from men with Squadron 269 begin to show the scale of what was happening at Wick - Over Norway, U-boat patrols, planes crashed, planes shot down, Heinkel attack on a camp at Wick and much more. Next sections to follow will be contributions from members of squadrons 48 and 608.

Family History With Gordon Johnson
The next in this series of short articles to help you get started with you family history research is Basic sources to use in your research.  This section will build with a new article each month from Gordon who has vast experience in researching family history.  Taking you right from the beginning to ever more intricate detail and advice.

Wings Over Wick
Starting today we begin to publish Wings Over Wick - a compilation of memories of RAF Wick during the Second World War.  Only 1000 copies were printed of this fantastic booklet produced to raise funds for Hillhead Primary school in 1993.  Over the next two or three months you will be able to read it all and get an insight into the memories of people from Scotland, England, Wales, Canada and USA.  They include memories of people from many walks of life connected to the air war from Wick.

David Nicol, Wick High School Wins Heritage Essay Prize
David Nicol a pupil from Wick High School won the Best Essay prize for his brief look back as himself in 2050 written as an article for the John O'Groat Journal following a conversation with his grandson.  Read the essay and then head for the Message Board to say what you think will happen to Caithness in the next 50 years.  Do David's thoughts make you think?  And well done David.

George Gunn - Building In Caithness Stone
George Gunn has built many walls in Caithness using traditional methods and his and one or two other stone builders are always in demand.  George demonstrated his skills by building a small demonstration wall.  He has recently returned from Kentucky where he has been teaching American wallers.

Wick Junior Triathlon Results In The Sports Pages

Next Pie In For Eating - Broccoli & Wensleydale Flan
Andy who remembers the flan from 40 years ago said - "I'm from Southampton, Mum was from Edinburgh (trained at Atholl Crescent and the recipe may have originated in a wartime edition of "Atholl Crescent Plain Cookery", but I have no way of checking)."

Pennyland School Team Wins Thurso Junior Triathlon
The team from Pennyland School did a great job in tackling the triathalon on a superbly sunny and warm afternoon.  They certainly were able to move themselves in swimming, cycling and running.  The cycling leg was particularly hard in the spongy wet ground but they came through.  Well done.  Have you started training for next year? More Pictures In and Even More Later

Caithness Quilters At Caithness Heritage Fair
Another of the many groups at the highly successful fair that attracted over 1200 people.  An exhibition of the ladies' work is in the St Fergus Gallery in Wick from Tuesday 2nd October to Saturday 27th October 2001.  Quilters Pages

Caithness Field Club Programme Amendments
The Field Club have altered some dates in their programme for 2001 - 2002 including their annual dinner.  A new walk has been added which looks like it will be a cracker led by Gordon Wilson in Archaeology Week.  More details on that later.

Caithness Amateur Athletics At Heritage Fair
The Caithness Heritage Fair was about past present and future and these girls from Caithness Amateur Athletics Club were definitely the future but you could also see the clubs past achievements.  Keep running girls - you were probably the fittest people at the fair.

Guides Past Present & Future At the Fair
The leaders from Caithness Guides Association had gathered up all the photographs and lots of ladies had a great time checking back over the places they had been and the people they knew from their guiding days.

Latest From The Serendipidists
Getting around the country the group are not letting the grass grow under their feet.

Cindy's Banana Cream Pie
The first recipe is in from California for the new recipe section.  Comments from the first to try it will be welcomed.  Send in your recipes for the new Recipe Section and let us all try something new.  If the recipe has some family history, unusual story or other fact by all means let us know.

Redhouse Castle Near Longniddry
Another of the reconstructions by Andrew Spratt that we are restoring to the Internet. 

Even More Caithness Web Sites
Ever more web sites in Caithness are coming online.  We are listing them to make them easier to find.  If you have a new one or one we have not found just get in touch and let everyone know.  The latest ones into our growing list are Wick Wheelers and Caithness Cycling Club. 

Thurso Junior Triathlon
The Thurso Junior Triathlon had a great afternoon for their team races with swimming, running and cycling.  The fastest team was from Pennyland school.  This was not an easy event with the kids being stretched and the cycling particularly difficult on a very wet park which just about stood up to the bikes but was very spongy.  Well done to everyone see you in next years event.  More pictures still to come over the next day or two.

Wick Triathlon Group Picture Enlargements
We know how you all like the group pictures but to make it easier to find people you know we have blown up yesterdays big picture and split it into four sections.  A few more pictures from the event with more tonight or tomorrow.

Visitor Numbers Highest Ever After Awards
Three Days Of Records On Caithness.Org
Hits 321,089 , Pages Read 45,685 Visitors 8085
Yes definitely the highest ever stats for any three days by a long way since it was announced that Caithness.Org was site of the year.  Thanks again to everyone for looking in.  And Scorrie built web sites have experienced a knock on effect in their stats of between two and five times their previous visitor rates.

Wick Junior Triathalon First Pictures
The Wick Junior Triathalon got going in breezy but sunny conditions after being cancelled last week.  The swimming at Wick High School pool was followed by running and cycling in individual and team events.
Thurso Junior Triathalon gets started at 1.00pm on Sunday.  Wick results as soon as they are all counted and passed to the web site.  More pictures of Wick and Thurso Triathalons on Sunday.

Yippee Another Caithness Web Site
This time its the 2nd Thurso Scouts.

Caithness Heritage Fair Still On Sunday

Duffus Castle
Another non Caithness castle as we restore Andrew Spratt's missing reconstructions to the Internet.  Duffus castle was a stone castle built on the site of a wooden motte and bailey.   Main Castle Section

Well What Else Could We Start With Today
We are just back late last night after picking up the best community and site of the year awards.  Once again thanks to all of you for looking in and to all of you who contribute.  We put it together but all of you out there make the site worth while.  We had a great time and we have to thank for a great night at the award ceremony.  We are just getting back in gear and will be back later today with more.  More pictures from our London trip once we sort them out.

Another Wick High Reunion
A group of former High School pupils have decided that a reunion of pupils who left Wick High School between 1951 and 1955 is now opportune. For those who left in 1953, 2003 will mark the 50th anniversary.

Gone To
Looking For Us - Our Mobile Numbers Are In The Press Room
OK folks there will be slight delay until our next transmission as we are all off to the big bash at the Awards in London.  Graham Norton is doing the honours so we know it will be a hoot even if we do not get any further than a glass of champers.  Thanks for all your support in building this community web site - in reality its been a big partnership and its worth zero without you all.  Thanks to everyone who contributes in everyway by email, sending in articles, typing poems and so on - and even for pointing out our BROKEN LINKS.  We will be back on Friday and if we get a chance we will be on the Message Boards.  Bet you have not seen all of the site yet anyway.  Now's your chance while we are away.

Quiz Night In the Chat Room Thursday Night 8.30

A New House With A View Of Wick Harbour
This new house is being built with a nice view of the harbour.  Here it is well under construction and with a few views that the owners will look out on and a reminder of the weather they might yet see and that so far we seem to have missed in September this year.

Wartime Boyhood In Wick by A McLeod
Another article from April 1986 Field Club Bulletin

Update Your Sports Groups Entries

Send In Your Sports News and Information
More additions to the Sports pages are coming soon but get your information on regularly by sending it in on the form.  Get your event noticed in Caithness.Org new sports pages.

New Recipe And Food Section
Something to think about while we are away.  Here is a section for you all to swap recipes.  We want to start a series on Caithness, Scottish and other countries recipes from our ever widening community.  Send in a traditional recipe from your area and let us know something about it.  Which part of the country it comes from and any history etc and we will share it with everyone else.  The section is empty apart from Links and some news feeds so its all there for the taking.  Any Pie recipes anyone? Open to any other ideas to add.

Small Highland Businesses Falling Behind In The E Stakes
Highland and Islands Enterprise is concerned about the low number of businesses getting involved in new technology and using the Internet.  they are organising seminars across the Highlands.

A Sewing Class With Betsy Lord
This sewing class with Betsy Lord was a few years ago.  Does anyone know the names or the year?  Its in Wick High School.

Benefits Agency News
The latest Benefits Agency Highland Newsletter is packed full of useful stuff so here it is republished here -
Clearer Leaflets for Pensioners, Older People - Winter Fuel Payments, Work Incentives - Incapacity Benefits, Abolition of capital rules for Sure Start Maternity Grants and Funeral Payments, Rapid Reclaim, Needs Not Numbers, This is the title of a recently published report on rural racism in Scotland. It challenges the assumption prevalent among service providers in rural areas that minority ethnic groups do not have particular needs because they are small in number. New Services - New Web sites, Local Benefits Office Directory

A New List Of State Benefit Helplines

A Brief History Of Brubster by J K Butler
This account first appeared in the Caithness Field Club Bulletin April 1986.  Brubster is an area of ground on the border between the fertile farmlands of Shebster, Forss and Dounreay to the north and east, and the hill and moor ground to the south and west.

Caithness Business Pages - Even More Improvements
Yes the pages are faster than ever although you may not be able to notice as they were already pretty quick.  But Niall has shaved another couple of k from every page - and this is even after adding a new button for the printer version of all the pages.  Yes you can now click and get a white page for printing - any page in the section.  Make sure your business details are in - its FREE and its growing. 

Help Children In Mombassa
Here is the information on knitting squares in case anyone wants to get started and help the other ladies in the churches trying to get some help to children in this war torn place. The squares measure 9inches square.  This is achieved by casting on 50 stitches and knitting 96 rows in garter stitch.  


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