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New Police Station In Wick

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Wick's New Police Station -  Building Progress

The police station is being built on the site of the old bus depot.  We will follow the progress of the construction work until it opens.

Here it is as it used to be -
Picture from Northlands Festival 2000.  The empty building has been used for productions in the festival in recent years. This was the last one.

28 March 03
Police Station Opens
The new police station got its force in place today as the police left their old station behind in Bridge Street.  The new police station has top range communications equipment and brand new everything.   With more suitable car parking and a modern building ready for any emergency.  The phone number remains the same Wick 603551 but you will need to head round to the Railway station where it is located to make enquiries or complaints.  The new police station cost around 2million and was built by D M Geddes & Son.

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