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Maureen Materi (nee Scott)

11 January 2001
This is an advertisement that was in the Northern Ensign Newspaper on 22 December 1896.  The day of the death of my g. grandfather, Capt. Alexander Miller.  It reads: 

COALS - "BAN-RIGH" is expected here tomorrow (weather permitting) with a Cargo of Best Selected TUNSTALL WALLSEND ENGLISH COALS: also to store Coals of the same quality and best SCOTCH PARLOUR SPLINT annd STEAM COALS. Briquettes of which can be delivered on the shortest notice. MARCUS McIVOR. Pultneytown, 22nd. Dec. 1896.

You will notice the owner of the "Ban-Righ" was Marcus McIvor.  My grandfather named one of his children Marcus, McIvor Miller b. 16 Jun 1889, Wick. Died 7 Oct 1916, Camp Hughes Hospital, Manitoba, Canada. 

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