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My great-grandfather was Capt. Alexander MILLER - Born:22-March-1854 in Wick, Caithness, Scotland. His parents were Alexander MILLER (b.17-Jun-1823 in Wick) (boat builder) and Christina SMITH (b. 11-Apr-1832 in Dunnet, Scotland). They were married 24-Jan-1851 in Wick and took up residence at 42 Breadalbane Terrace.

Their children were Christina (b.1853 - Wick), my g-grandfather, Alexander (b.22-Mar-1854 - Wick), George, Smith (b.7-May-1857 in Wick, d. 29-Jan-1917 in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia), Amelia, Reid (b.22-Mar-1859 in Wick), Jessie (b.9-Jul -1861 in Wick) and Daniel, Smith (b.7-Sept-1863 in Wick, m. 2-Apr-1884 in West Maitland, NSW, Australia to Mary, Louise BUXTON, d.21-Feb-1932 in West Maitland, New South Wales, Australia). In 1861 my g. grandparents were living at 270 Dempster St. with their first four children. My g.g.grandmother Christina MILLER nee: SMITH died on 25-Nov-1868 in Wick. My g.g.grandfather, Alexander MILLER died prior to 1868.

My g.grandfather Alexander MILLER, his sisters, Amelia and Jessie and brother Daniel were living with their grandfather, Alexander MILLER (b. Apr. 1795 in Wick, d.30-Sept-1872 in Wick) and their Aunt Henrietta SANGSTER nee: MILLER (b.1832 in Wick - a twin to Georgina MILLER) and cousin, Mary SANGSTER (b.abt. 1857 in Abedaushire, Aberdeen (cannot read writing), father was George SANGSTER).I don't have any information re: the SANGSTER family. It is no wonder the poor man died a year later because he was still a fisherman to support his daughter and grandchildren at the age of 76 years! His wife, my 3xg.grandmother was Emilia Reid (b. 1801 in Wick, d. before Apr.1871 in Wick - her parents were Alexander REID and Margaret BEUSE).My 4x g. grandparents were (what else) Alexander MILLER and Henrietta ROBERTSON, married 13-June-1782 in Wick, Caithness, Scotland. I could fill in all the children's names and birth dates concerned but I'm sure one would be confused as I find I am myself at times with all this.

Para 4 Amended 14 May 2002
Other 4x g. grandparents are George SMITH b. 1795, possibly Brough, Dunnet, Caithness, Scotland and Christian MURRAY b. 1791, Dunnet, Caithness, Scotland, m. 3 Dec 1815 at Brough, Dunnet, Caithness, Scotland.  The parents of George SMITH were George SMITH and Christian MALCOLM b. Abt. 1772, Brough, Dunnet, Caithness, Scotland and d. 18 May 1860, Brough, Dunnet, Caithness, Scotland.  The parents of Christian SMITH nee MURRAY were William MURRAY and Margaret BANKS.

Now back to my g. grandfather, Captain Alexander Miller. He married Margaret ANGUS on 11-Dec-1874 in Watten. My g. grandmother Margaret MILLER nee: ANGUS was born on 19-Oct-1856 in W. Dunnet, Caithness, Scotland, d. 25-May-1931 in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada. Her parents were Donald ANGUS (b.25-Nov-1831, Bower Parish, Dunnet, Scotland, d.14-May-1919 in Wick) and Catherine MEIKLEJOHN (b.25-Aug-1835 in Reaster, Dunnet, Scotland, d. 1-Aug-1913 in Wick).

Their children were Margaret (b.19-Oct-1856 in Dunnet), Isabella , Dunnet (b. 12-May-1858, Dunnet-m. 20-Mah-1881 to David CROMBIE in Latheron), David (b. 04-Mar-1860 in Wick), Donald (b. 10-Oct-1864 in Wick), Catherine (b.29-Jan-1867 in Watten). Alexander (b. 3-July-1862 in Wick), and Jacobina (b. 1867 in Latheron, Scotland). The parents of my g.g. grandfather, Donald ANGUS were David ANGUS and Margaret DUNNET (m. 29-Dec-1810 in Bower, Caithness, Scotland). No further information on their family.

The parents of my g.g. grandmother were Alexander MEIKLEJOHN (b.1-Dec-1800 in Dunnet, d. before Apr. 1881 in Dunnet) and Margaret BAIN (b. 1810 in Warse, Canisbay, Scot. d. After 1881- probably in Dunnet, parents. Simon BAIN and Katherine GEDDES). Alexander and Margaret MEIKLEJOHN nee: BAIN were married on 1-May-1830 in Dunnet. Their children were, William (b.1-June-1831 in Reaster, Dunnet, m. 14-Mar-1856 in Wick to Christina CORMACK), Margaret (b. 13-Nov-1832 in Reaster, Dunnet), Simon (b.18-May-1834 in Reaster, Dunnet - not in Scottish Highlands Census 1881), Catherine (b. 25-Aug-1835 in Reaster Dunnet, my g.g.gran), James (b.19-Sept-1837 in Reaster, Dunnet), Sutherland (b.26-Oct-1839 in Reaster, Dunnet, m. 12-JJun1863 to Cecilia ROBERTSON in Bower), Alexander (b.13-Oct-1841 in Dunnet), Elizabeth (b.7-Dec-1843 in Dunnet - m. 1879 to Andrew, Forsyth CAMPBELL), John (17-June-1846 in Dunnet), Mary Anne (b.17-Jan-1849 in Dunnet), David, Sinclair (b.16-Apr-1851 in Dunnet) and Campbell (b.22-June-1854).

For the sake of space, the other ?g. grandparents are William MEIKLEJOHN and Margaret MANSON (m.26-June-1788 in Olrig) and John MEIKLEJOHN and Margaret SINCLAIR. More to follow re: my g. grandparents Captain Alexander Miller and Margaret Miller nee: Angus c/w pictures.

My g. grandparents Alexander and Margaret MILLER nee: ANGUS had 11 children. They were Alexander (b. 4-Oct-1875 in Latheron). He followed his father's lead and became a sailor. On 28-Jan-1895, he died in Sydney, Australia.

Donald, Angus b. 11 Jan 1877 in Latheron m. 20 Oct 1900 to Caroline Reader in Bury, England d. 15 June 1922 in Prestwich, England.     Donald, Angus Miller is buried in Rochdale Cemetery, Rochdale, England.  He is the last of the 11 children, who I'm looking for living descendants. (See page on Donald, Angus Miller) , George, Smith (27-Oct-1878 in Latheron, m. 13-Nov-1909 in Swansea, Ontario, Canada, d. 23-Apr-1917 in France, WW1 (Canadian army), David, Angus (b.5-Nov-1880 in Wick, m. 14-Apr-1914 to Annie Louisa CRAWFORD in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, d. 24-Jan-1974 in Moose Jaw, Sask. Canada), James, Meiklejohn (b. 28-Mar-1883 in Wick, m. 28-Dec-1907 to Jessie MANSON in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, d. 24-Sept-1981 in Victoria, British Columbia, Canada), William, Smith (b. 22-Feb-1885 in Wick, d. 19-Oct-1887 in Wick and is buried with his father), Nigel, Roberton (b. 10-Jan-1887 in Wick, m. 29-Mar-1912 to Christina MILLER d.6-Apr-1916 in France, WW1 (Canadian Army), Marcus, McIvor (b.16-June-1889 in Wick, d. Camp Hughes Hospital, Manitoba, Canada, WW1 (Canadian Army), Angus (b.30-Aug-1891 in Wick, m. 1-Mar-1918 to Elizabeth McCLURE in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, d. 9-Feb-1951 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada (complications from schrapnel in body WW1 (Canadian Army), Christina, Smith (b. 13-Jul-1893 in Wick, m. 14-Aug-1919 to Donald WARES in Moose Jaw, Saskatchewan, Canada, d. May 1977 in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada) and my wonderful grandmother, Alexina, Kate, Maggie (b. 21-Feb-1897 in Wick (2 months after her father was killed aboard the Ban-Righ at sea), m. 20-Jun-1917 to Douglas, Allan THACKRAY in Toronto, Ontario, Canada, d. 24-Oct-1979 in Victoria, B. C. Canada).

The address they lived at during census years were:
1881 Census - Wick, Caithness, Pultneytown, Scotland - 62 Argyle Square
1891 " """ "    90 Argyle Square
1905 "" "       43 Argyle Square - Margaret Miller and some of the children only until they emigrated
                   to Canada in April 1912.

My g. grandfather was a cooper for several years. He then earned his master mariner's papers and captained many ships. He sailed the North Sea to Norway, Sweden, France, etc. His brother (either George or Daniel) sailed, not as a captain, to Africa, South America and then to Australia.

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