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This collection has been gathered from the walls of East End Boys Football Club.  Most  do not have names attached.  If you know the people let us know and we will add them to the picture for the future. Email to bill@caithness.org  There are many more to come.

1922 Team

team1933.jpg (44093 bytes)
1933 Team

team37.jpg (60997 bytes)
Another Team Photo  Without a year or names.  Any ideas?
Email 30 January 2001
Well someone has an idea. Click the picture to hear from John Gray formerly Wick in Canada who has identified himself and his pal from the 1970's

teameastend.jpg (57965 bytes)
Another group of East End Teams
about 1990?

team1934.jpg (44281 bytes)
1934 Team


team1947.jpg (44567 bytes)
1947 Team

team1974.jpg (43600 bytes)


Seven a sides competition Sunday 24 September 2000

Anything is possible in Caithness   

If you are looking for more pictures of people in Caithness Past there a few in Family History