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1922 Team

East End United - 1922 (Original Founder Team) - Founded 1920

Back Row -John Harper, Chisholm Ross (Baker), John Wares, Alistair Stewart (Fish Curer),Ted Bain, D Hendry (Postman)
Note - John Harper was killed on the Jervis Bay (See Caithness.org information and links to Jervis Bay)

Middle Row - John Bremner, John Duchart (Went to Canada), David Anderson(Joiner), Geo. Webster, Bobby Finch (Cooper)
Front Row - Geo Rosie, Donnie Mackenzie (Fisherman), John Mackay (Went to America), Donnie Miller, Peter Bain
(Small boy George is a son of Chisholm Ross)
Donnie Miller and his wife still reside at Barrogill Street, Wick
All the above players belong to The East End of Pulteneytown (known as "The Back Side of Poltney")