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Move picture sideways to see everyone in this picture probably about 1970.

From Wullie Sinclair 22 April 2003
Back row from the left.
Coach Bill Sykes, Kenneth Bateson, Ian (corrie) Cormack, Andrew Turner, Malky Sutherland, Colin Mathieson, Ian Sinclair, David Budge, William Hamilton, Simon Turner, Andrew Craigie, Don Macleod, Geordie More, Davy Innes, and
coach James Bremner.

Middle row from left.
Alan Simpson, William Thompson, Graham Sutherland, Micheael Plowman, Donald Macbeath, NK possibly Grant, James Coghill, Ian Baikie, Donald Miller, Richard (tichie) Hughes, Jamie Tait, Donald Campbell, NK, Archie Miller, Graham Bain, Andrew Macleod?, Alistair Budge, Sandy Bain

Front row from left.
Andy Dewhurst, Peter Taylor, Tommy Dunnett?, Michael Tait, David Macdonald, Hugh Mackay, Ronnie Dunnett, Graeme Meil, John Gray, William Bremner, Gordon Budge, NK, Brian Mulraine, Ali Mackay, Alan Farquhar.

From Allan Lannon, Headmaster Miller Academy, Thurso 3 April 2001
The picture with John Gray has the Late James Bremner to right and his son William 'Bushy' Bremner between John and Gordon Budge.
 I will study it later as I must know a few of the boys having joined James to take teams and be associated with East End
 from 1971 for over 12 years.

Email From Canada 30 January 2001
John Gray now living in Fort Smith NWT Canada.   I'm almost positive the picture second from the top is circa 1970 as I am in the front row with my pal Gordon Budge at least I think its him. I am the second boy to the right of the ball, and Gordon is on my right. Boy that picture stirs up some memories for me I can remember being so proud of that kit! I still follow Celtic today via the net.  I was back in Wick two years ago for the first time in twenty years to visit my granny Jessie Nicoll who has since passed away.  No matter how long you are gone you cannae get Wick out of your heart. Its a small world Bill and the internet makes it smaller. I have just shown this picture to my 4yr old son and he cant believe his dad was ever that small. Thanks for giving me a chance to reminisce.   Yours truly John Gray