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Donald Angus Miller
Rochdale Accident

This is the account of the death of Captain Alexander Miller and Margaret Miller nee: Angus's son, Donald, Angus Miller b. 11 Jan 1877, Wick.  Married Caroline Reader on 20 Oct 1900 in Bury, England.  They emigrated to Canada and their first son, Alexander Miller was born 12 April 1902, Scarborough, Ontario, Canada.  They must have returned to England because their next son, Donald, Angus Miller was born 7 Aug 1904, Chesterfield, England, died in accident, 15 June 1949, place unknown.  George, Frederick Miller was born 1 Nov 1905, Kettering, Northampton, Caroline, Mary Miller was born 11 May 1907, Guildford, Surrey, David, Angus Miller was born 22 July 1910, Chesterfield, England, Margaret Miller was born 29 July 1914, Mexboro, England, died 11 June 1964, Vancouver, B. C. Canada.  I have no knowledge or record of Margaret Miller, other than her birth and death.  In the obituary, which I will send you, it says he left seven children.  I don't have any record of a seventh child.  Donald, Angus Miller, the brother to my grandmother, Alexina, Kate, Maggie Thackray nee: Miller was the last of her siblings I was looking for.  I am now interesting in finding any living descendants of Donald and Caroline (Carrie) Miller.  I started this project looking for what happened to my great grandfather, Frederick, William Thackray.  Ironically, without knowing each other my great grandfather Frederick Thackray and great uncle Donald Miller are buried in the same cemetery in Rochdale, England.  How's that for a coincidence!

Rochdale Observer Report 14 June 1922     

Rochdale Observer Saturday 17 June 1922

Rochdale Observer Wednesday 21 June 1922 - The Inquest

Donald Angus Miller as a boy
 from  Family Picture (Right)

The Miller Family Picture taken in Wick
the summer of 1892

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