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Dounreay News Scotsman Coverage Of SEPA Item

On Friday 23 September 2005, the Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) served an enforcement notice on UKAEA Dounreay after it breached conditions in its authorisation to discharge gaseous radioactive waste.

A team of inspectors from SEPA carried out a week long audit of the site in June and found 28 problems.

The enforcement notice relates to:

  • maintenance and repair of the system used to discharge waste

  • maintenance procedures and record-keeping

  • maintenance of monitoring equipment that helps to assess the environmental impacts of the radioactive waste.

Enforcement action has also been taken in connection with radioactive liquid seepages to the foreshore and the failure of sampling equipment after maintenance. 

SEPA has specified nine remedial actions needed to ensure compliance with the conditions of the authorisation. The notice requires UKAEA to:

  • Develop and implement procedures to identify all waste handling equipment and include it in a maintenance and inspection system.

  • Prepare procedures for setting alarm levels on samplers, review operations that require alarms and install as necessary.

  •  Introduce internal inspection regimes for duct work and stacks.

  • Assess the positioning of filter efficiency test points and reposition if required.

  • Ensure all monitoring equipment is included in the maintenance and inspection system.

  • Inform SEPA of, and implement, the measures taken by UKAEA to assess and control the environmental consequences of plant modifications.

  • Inform SEPA of, and implement, the measures to be taken to stop radioactive liquid waste being disposed to the Dounreay foreshore.

  • Inform SEPA of, and implement, the measures being taken to stop seepage of radioactive waste from the DFR outfall tank.

  • Ensure that staff are trained in practicable and adequate procedure for the testing of the D300 proportionate sample.

Full details of the enforcement notice can be obtained during office hours from the public registry at:
Dingwall Office,
Graesser House,
Fodderty Way,
Dingwall IV15 9XB
Tel 01349 862021