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A walk up the strath - Page Three
Sunday 17 December 2000

The Dunbeath Estate stretches from the coast to the Glutt Water and the Flow Country covering about 40,000 acres.  The main drainage in the area is the Dunbeath Water and its tributary the Houstry Burn.  The whole area is largely devoid of population reflecting earlier moves to the coastal strip.
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Looking at the grain drying end of  an old house.  Here heat could be used to dry the grain and the chalf blown through window or door.

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Goats possibly from the Dunbeath estate trials a few years ago before the bottom dropped out of the market for angorra.  If you know exactly let us know and we will update.

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The old cemetary.  Grant is a common name here amongst others.

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Several graves show people lived to their nineties or even one hundred years old in the strath.

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From the cemetary wall

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Looking towards the Caithness border.

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