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Sunday 17 December 2000

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There are other things to see not included in this set of pictures such as the monastery site and a wag.
dunbeathwalk15.jpg (41042 bytes)
Ivy still green in winter
dunbeathwalk16.jpg (34489 bytes)
Another wooden footbridge
dunbeathwalk17.jpg (36207 bytes)
The old coaching inn at Milton
The remains of the "milntoun" settllement are alongside it.

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The path follows the river for a couple of miles

dunbeathwalk20.jpg (40893 bytes)
Lichens abound on trees along the walk.  this is supposed to be a sign of low pollution levels

dunbeathwalk21.jpg (40239 bytes)
A variety of lichens grow on the trees along Dunbeath water

dunbeathwalk22.jpg (44106 bytes)
Jelly Mould fungus which will soon disappear with the frosty weather now becoming more frequent.

dunbeathwalk23.jpg (46068 bytes)
Hazelnut trees are numerous in this part of the walk.  Nuts are all over the ground and the last few hang in the trees

dunbeathwalk24.jpg (40983 bytes)
Little regeneration of trees takes place due to the browsing of deer and sheep

dunbeathwalk25.jpg (43872 bytes)

dunbeathwalk26.jpg (40158 bytes)
Tree Creepers were spotted feeding in the Beech trees

dunbeathwalk27.jpg (42275 bytes)
This area was often used by children for Sunday school picnics in years gone by

dunbeathwalk28.jpg (36805 bytes)

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