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Sunday 17 December 2000

Dunbeath Heritage Trail Web Site

Dunbeath has a fascinating history with settlements for over 5000 years.  The area is rich in as yet unexcavated cairns, dwellings, monuments and field systems.  The surnames of the area are spread through the last two hundred years of the north of Scotland's history and the world reaped the benefit of the stoic hardy people who left to find a better life in the America's, Australasia and elsewhere as well as other parts of Scotland.  
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From this point  Scaraben, Maiden Pap and Morven could be seen clearly between the clouds in the disatnce.

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Cairn on the top with a more modern pile added in recent times

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The group discuss the area and the sun shines on.

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Time to walk back.
The sun shone for the whole walk and lasted from 10.00am to 3.00pm  With a stop for a packed lunch which everyone had prepared it was and enjoyable and envigorating day out.  Watch out for the next one maybe in the Spring when many of the migratory birds will return.  Check out the Dunbeath Preservation Society who have masses of information on every aspect of this area.
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