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SWRI - Caithness Federation

Murkle Bulb Show 2006

West Caithness Bulb Show 2006

2006 East Caithness Bulb Show Went Ahead Despite The Weather

A smaller number of folk made it to the East Caithness Bulb show this year than usual due to the weather.  A good show of colour contrasted with the white all around outside.  Betty Coghill a long standing member of SWRI opened the show and handed out the prizes.   Snow Photo Gallery To See What The Weather was like

12 March 05
West Caithness SWRI Bulb Show 2005

6 March 04
East Caithness 2004 Bulb Show

Caithness SWRI Choir Wins National Final In Wick 5 April 03

15 March 2003
Bulb Show 2003

15/3/03 East of Caithness Bulb Show, Assembly Rooms, Wick 2.00pm

14 November 02
Caithness SWRI Celebrates 80 Years
The 80 years cake was cut by a lady who has been a member of the Scottish Women's Rural Institute in Caithness for nearly 70 years.  Caithnessians have staying power.

First Monday of the Month
KEISS Keiss School 7.30pm
WEYDALE Town Hall, Thurso 7.30pm

First Tuesday of the Month
LYTH Lyth Hall 7.30pm
HARPSDALE Ross Institute, Halkirk 7.30pm
SCOTSCALDER Scotscalder Hall 7.30pm

First Wednesday of the Month
THRUMSTER Thrumster Hall 7.30pm

First Thursday of the Month
KILLIMISTER Reiss Hall 8.00pm
WATTEN Watten Hall 7.30pm

Second Monday of the Month
AUCKENGILL Auckengill Hall 7.30pm
SPITTAL Spittal Hall 7.30pm

Second Tuesday of the Month
BANNISKIRK Ross Institute, Halkirk 8.00pm
BOWER Bower Community Centre 8.00pm
DUNNET Dunnet Hall 7.30pm
LYBSTER Lybster Community Centre 7.30pm
REAY Victoria Hall 7.30pm
SCRABSTER Scrabster Community Centre 7.30pm
FORSS Forss Hall 7.30pm
BILBSTER Bilbster Hall 7.30pm

Second Wednesday of the Month
CASTLETOWN Drill Hall 7.45pm
STAXIGOE Staxigoe Hall 7.30pm
MID-CLYTH Mid-Clyth Hall 7.30pm

Second Thursday of the Month
BERRIDALE Portland Hall 7.30pm
LATHERON Latheron Hall 7.30pm
JOHN O’GROATS Canisbay Hall 7.30pm
Third Wednesday of the Month
LIEURERY Lieurery Hall 8.00pm

Third Thursday of the Month
GERSA Watten Hall 7.30pm
MURKLE Murkle Community Centre 7.30pm
WICK Wick Assembly Rooms 7.30pm

For any further information please contact:-
Mrs Eileen Henderson, Caithness Federation SWRI Chairman.
Tel: 01955 614209

Dates for your diary!

East Caithness 2002 Bulb Show 2 March

Scottish Women's Rural Institute Conference Pictures 2001

Chairperson – Mrs Eileen Henderson
Address – “Eildon”, Alterwall, Lyth, Wick KW1 4UG
Telephone – 01955 641209

Secretary – Mrs Helen Gunn
Address – Lesley House, Murkle, Thurso.
Telephone – 01847 821651

Mrs Agnes Innes
Basquary, Achairn, Stirkoke, Wick