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Newsletter 22 March 2004

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Dear Parent

Supplementary Newsletter 22.03.04

Spring I hope everyone enjoyed the Concerts as much as the children. We have raised a fantastic 1963.50 which will go towards school funds for the benefit of all pupils. I could fill this page with thanks but will restrict myself to saying a big thank you to -

the teaching staff for all their hard work with the pupils
the teaching and non teaching staff for all their work on costume making, prop painting, scenery      
   building, etc
the office staff for their ticket making and selling skills
Mr Scobbie and Mr Farmer for all their work in sound, light and prop moving
the parents who came in to help with costumes and props and those who worked at home putting
   everything together.
everyone who helped on the evenings of the concerts, both front of house and behind the scenes,
   keeping the children amused and well behaved.
most of all the pupils for their hard work in learning their words, practising continually in the two weeks
   leading up to the concerts and giving wonderful performances.
finally, everyone in the school who was inconvenienced with all the changes to timings etc and putting
   up with it cheerfully.

Yours sincerely


Head Teacher