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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Women At War

Mrs W Vickerstaff,  Belper, Derbyshire
I was stationed at RAF Wick, as it was my first posting after training. Having hardly travelled, I was delighted to know I was going to Scotland but on telling an "old hand" where it was, he started to laugh and said I had to travel as far as possible on a train and then take pack horses to get to Wick. I was trained for a cook. I had only just arrived at the mess when all the lights went out, which I thought was a good start. I, along with other WAAFs, was billeted in married quarters. There were few women, or should I say girls, I was 18 years old.  In about a month all the men cooks apart from a Sergeant and Corporal were replaced so they could be sent overseas. I volunteered for night shift as there were dances round about and I didn't dance.

I always wanted a New Year in Scotland, but was on nights where it fell, but the corporal said I could be late. I can't remember how I met this airman, but he took me out for a drink. I know it wasn't at Wick, which was dry, but I cannot recall where we went. I know I lent him some money and didn't get it back, so paid for my own and his. Naturally he bought whisky and I had never tasted it and sipped. I think I had three and was slightly drunk but went to work and I started to cut up liver. I look very awkward as I am left-handed and I was taken off and laid on two benches and covered with greatcoats. I was saying I wanted to see the New Year in, and I was told I would be woken up. Sadly for me I was left to sleep it off and woke about 3 o'clock so I missed it.

I did stay one time on a farm near Skitten camp with a Mrs Geddes and she lived at Reiss Farm. The water tap was across the road in a field but she was very good to me and took me fruit picking in a private garden where you paid for what you had picked. It was the closest I had ever been to a cow but soon had a favourite. I expect it is all built up there now and Skitten wiped out. I had some happy days there and I did manage to see the Northern Lights and I wouldn't have missed it for the world, absolutely beautiful.