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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Torpedo Squadrons

F/Lt W D Barrett, Stratford on Avon
I was an observer with 144 squadron stationed at Leuchars, from April 1942 until March 1943, during which time we were often landing at Wick, Skitten and Castletown. Our main duty was to be ready to attack the German Battle ships that were hiding in the Norwegian Fiords should they come out into the North Sea. We were flying in Hampdens, a twin-engined aircraft carrying either torpedoes or bombs with a crew of Observer, Pilot, Wireless Operator and Air Gunner.

We flew over the North Sea and to the Norwegian Coast after enemy ships, also we went to Russia landing at Veanga to help in looking after our convoys going to Murmansk.

You must forgive me if I do not write anything about your town but it is ever such a long time ago and I have not been so far north since. Wartime airfields were more or less all the same except yours was ever so cold!!