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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945

Mr L Turner, Wolverhampton, Staffs
I was stationed at Wick airport during 1940. I along with a few others, had the job of fitting anti-submarine aerials to Wellington Bombers. The one thing we all enjoyed, was the home made cakes and muffins served up by the church ladies. I think this was in the village hall.

We spent off duty hours watching the fishing boats come in and unload their catch of fish, which to us was very interesting, as there were always some strange looking types. We were all enjoying the peace and quiet one afternoon, getting on with our work, when there was this terrific explosion.  German bombs hit one of our workshops, and for about 3/4 hour we were in the shelter. When things cooled down we went to see what damage had been done, and to our surprise it did not seem too bad.  Suddenly we saw the floor of our workshop was bulging up and realised that one bomb had gone in under the floor and was still active, so we got out quick and waved for the bomb disposal lads to dig it out. Luckily it never went off.

I am afraid all I can remember of Wick itself was the harbour, and I was in lodgings in the road going up from the harbour itself but I can't remember the name of the road or the lady we shared with. After about six months we were moved to another aerodrome.