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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945

Ernest Neil, Heaton, Newcastle Upon Tyne
I arrived at Wick in the late spring of 1941 "posted" to the Armoury Section, Station Headquarters, RAF Wick, 18 Group Coastal Command. The day I arrived was a Friday and on the Monday evening (I think it was around about 5 o'clock) enemy planes came over on a "Hit Run" raid and blasted one of the hangers. There was a fire, which was quickly dealt with by the Fire Crew and fortunately no one had been killed - although I was informed that an airman had been killed on the flare path a fortnight previously. There had been no warning by sirens - and that is usually the case with "Sneak Raids". Of course you weren't allowed to write home and tell anybody about these incidents, as there was strict censorship of all mail.

Based at Wick was 220 Squadron, flying Lockhead Hudsons. The other Squadron I remember at the time was 612 Squadron, flying Whitleys. I served almost two years at Wick until I was posted for further training .