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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945

E J Curtis, Shifnal, Shropshire

I was stationed at Wick from 20.09.39 until early 1941.  I arrived at Wick together with four other airmen and later an RAF Officer joined us as our CO. On arrival we reported to the local police, proved our identities and were then allocated local accommodation as the RAF living quarters were not ready.  Myself and Cpl Britton were billeted with the local butcher and grocer (Mr Sutherland) and I must say how well they looked after us.

Of course, eventually the camp became habitable and we left Mr Sutherland's with much regret, they had looked after us so well. Here I must say that we were all married men and eventually my wife joined me in November 1939 and we were given accommodation with a Miss McCormack, again a very pleasant and happy period. In early 1940 we were expecting our first child and moved to a little place near the harbour above a meeting room for Church Meetings etc.

As far as life in the town of Wick was concerned we were restricted to certain areas, but as I was living out of camp.   My wife and I had a greater chance of mixing with the local community, we were very friendly with the local "Provost", had several invitations to functions and at times we used to visit the cinemas twice in one night.

Eventually I was promoted in rank which entailed my being posted back to a fighter station in England.