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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Squadron 612

Mr 0 Dennett, Anlaby, Near Hull
I was posted to Wick in June 1941 and I must admit that up to that moment, I had never heard of it.  However, I joined the Aberdeen Squadron No 612 as an engine fitter and for the first week or two in Wick I was billeted in a council house, from memory on the coast side of the town on the main road to the hospital.

I had one day off in every eight days and on the first one I walked into the town and guess what, I met many mates from home. A short time after this, my wife came to stay and we found accommodation at 50 Willowbank the home of Mr & Mrs Harper. Mr Harper by the way had a butcher's shop in the shopping area.

My friend Mr Noble had a flat down by the harbour.  Much of our entertainment (of which there was little) was to have a meal and an evening together.  And also at regular intervals invite our airforce friends to spend an evening with us. My wife would cook a meal and we would play cards.  On days off, my wife and I would walk down to the shops for food etc and walk back via the harbour about the time when the fishing boats were returning.  And with luck we would buy a good-sized crab for sixpence (2.5p today). In the evening we would have our weekly visit to the cinema.

Life in the aerodrome was a matter of work from 8am to 6pm and sometimes, extra duties on top of this.  Leisure time would be spent at the NAAFI and there were one or two snooker tables.  Other than that there was football between squadrons on the drome.  My wife and I left Wick in or about March 1942. My wife stayed home and I went to Iceland.