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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945

Mrs Jean Murray, Inverness
I worked in Wick from February until the end of June 1940, and I have some memories of the Airport. It was a very busy place indeed, with the fighter planes taking off to chase away the enemy planes. At night we heard the big bombers go away, to bomb important enemy targets. Every time the air raid siren went, we all made a rush down to the cellars of the house. I knew quite a few RAF personnel billeted in Wick. People with big houses had to take in RAF personnel, and where I worked they had an Officer and his wife stay in as lodgers.

I remember the air fight over Scapa, with fighters from Wick Airport taking part, which took place on March l6th l940. I went out with an RAF man that night and had taken a walk to a castle somewhere out of town, to the north side I think from where we watched the air fight, with shells bursting everywhere. My companion said, “Our lads will be swearing tonight”.

The RAF personnel must have been very honest people, as I happened to lose my watch on the High Street when the wrist strap broke, so I didn't have any hopes of seeing it again. After a couple of days or so, I mentioned it to my employers, Urquhart at North Bank House, and they advised me to try the Police Station. When I went there, there it was, and still working. The policeman said it had been handed in by an RAF man, so how's that for honesty?