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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Canadian Squadrons

C E Walker, Vancouver, B.C.
In a recent meeting of the Greater Vancouver Branch, Aircrew Association our secretary Alex Blair, read your letter showing interest in the role of Wick airport during World War II. Since I served with a squadron that flew from Wick, I may be able to provide information on your interest.

The squadron I served with (162) was a Canadian unit serving under RAF command. Our home base was Reykjavik, Iceland from which we flew Cansos, an amphibian flying boat, on anti submarine operations i.e. Coastal Command. At a high point of submarine activity the squadron sent a number of planes to Wick on temporary duty during May, June, July 1944.

While at Wick we covered the body of water lying between the Shetland Islands and Norway. The squadron had great success operating from Wick scoring several sub kills. Significantly the first Canadian airman to win the Victoria Cross in WWII flew with 162 out of Wick.

As for myself, I served as flight engineer, completed a series of operations and returned to Canada in October 1944. Our crew did not sink a submarine but we were active in all operations. The people were very good to us, taking us into their homes and sharing the food.