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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Airfield And Aircraft Defence

Alick George, Cross Heath, Newcastle, Staffs
I served in the RAF Regiment at Wick airport in 1944. The squadron moved to Wick from Biggin Hill and I think we were at Wick for about 9 months. It was a big change from the South of England - Biggin Hill is in Kent, it was one of the main fighter squadron airports during the war. We arrived in Wick by train after a day's snowfall and had the awful job of marching from the station to the airport in deep snow!

If I remember correctly, I saw some Catalina Flying Boats at Wick, but being in the RAF Regiment we were mainly occupied in the defence of Wick airport and our people were generally on the perimeter. We were able to use our spare time by forming a quite good soccer team and also had a hockey team which had interesting games against the Wick WAAF team!!  We also played a lot of the card game "Whist" and the "Drives" were held in private houses some miles from the airport.  Most unusual to have a hand of cards in our hand and to move next door for the next!