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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Squadrons 48 & 608

Leo Maturi, Birmingham
I joined no 48 Squadron at Hooton Park near Birkenhead in December 1940 (convoy work) then to Stornoway still on convoy work, ie anti submarine. Then to Skitten where we did a conversion course from Avro Ansons onto Lockheed Hudsons and so to Wick in January 1942.

Sorry can't remember a lot about my stay there, we were always kept busy on our work, training and sleeping late after our long cold trips over the North Sea to Norway.  Our main work was recce of the enemy shipping in the fiords, air strikes against shipping and anti submarine patrols.  On one occasion giving air cover to Norwegian sailors and ships escaping through the Skagerak. We met them afterwards and had a merry time.  On another trip on avoiding an enemy night fighter diving down to sea level and the rear of the aircraft hitting the sea and yours truly getting a terrible wallop from the gun turret.

My time on the squadron finished in August and the crew volunteered for overseas. Thinking of the Med but finished up in India.

Doug Weaver and Leo Maturi were on the same aircrew of 48 squadron flying Lockheed Hudsons from Wick in 1941. Doug Weaver also recalls his time at Wick.