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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Squadrons 48 & 608

Mr W F Booth, Portsmouth
My squadron No 48 was station at Wick from January 1942 to September 1942.  I actually joined the squadron in April 1942.  We were in Coastal Command flying Lockheed Hudsons and our duties consisted of escorting shipping and convoys, strikes against enemy aircraft off the Norwegian coast and anti-submarine patrols.  Not a particularly glamorous role but nevertheless a vital one.  We also did fighter affiliation exercises with Spitfires operating from Castletown, which was a satellite to Wick and was of strategic importance to the defence of Scapa Flow.

Personal memories of the town are not very plentiful, but I do recall visits to the Breadalbane cinema, the walk from the aerodrome down a series of wide cobbled steps to the town, strolls around the harbour and other mundane pursuits.  I thought Wick was a pleasant town, probably better seen during the summer months rather than winter!!