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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Squadron 269

Alex Scott, Bradford

I was posted to 269 squadron at Wick in August 1940 as an engine fitter. When I arrived there, I was billeted with a Mr and Mrs Budge in Pultney Town. I moved with them to a house belonging to the bakery of which Mr Budge was manager in High Street, opposite the Picture House and the steps leading up to the drome.

During my stay in Wick the planes at the drome were 269 squadron which had just converted from Avro Ansons to Lockheed Hudsons, a Beaufort squadron of Torpedo Bombers and a Spitfire belonging to PRU. This Spitfire had been stripped of all armament and armour for reconnaissance work and was serviced by the fitters of 269 servicing flight. All these aircraft took part in the Norwegian Campaign.

During my stay I became friendly with the manager of the British Linen Bank and his wife who came from my home town of Stornoway. I also got to know Billy Swanson who was connected with Wick Radio Station.

The advanced party of 269 left Wick in April 1941 to Iceland and the rest of the squadron followed in July 1941. l enclose a photo of the Hudson which the Lockheed employees presented to the Royal Air Force and was allocated to 269 squadron at Wick. The inside of the fuselage had the signature of all the people who had built or helped in the construction of the plane.