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Wings Over Wick
1939 - 1945
Squadrons 220

Mr R R Smith, Billingham

I was stationed in Wick as an armourer in 220 squadron who flew Lockheed Hudsons, an American civil aircraft converted into battle aircraft. The job of armourer involved us placing depth charges, bombs and ammunition on board the aircraft. They carried four x 250lb bombs and four x 250lb depth charges. With one on each end of a bomb and one underneath we used to go "one, two, three" and throw them up on to the aircraft. It was easy, as we were young and healthy.

The living quarters were two huts joined at the rear for washing purposes. Those living premises were some distance from the drome for safety purposes. To pass our spare time, which was one night on and one night off, we went to the cinema in Wick. We also went to the Church of Scotland Canteen to buy cakes, scones and cups of tea.