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North School, Wick 1962

Back Row
John Durrand, ? ?, John Mitler, David Booth, David Wares, John Booth, James Douglas, Brian White, Andrew Munro, John Steven
Third Row
Ian Munro, Robert Stevenson, Colin Mackenzie, William Robertson, George Mackay, Gail Thomson, Helen Taylor, Ian Bain, Angus Gunn, Dennis Sutherland, John McBoyle, Joe Fitzpatrick
Second Row
Joyce Swanson, Janice Swanson, Susn Sinclair, Brenda Mc Gregor, Valerie Sinclair, Marion Macdonald, Muriel Macdonald, Mary Sinclair, Anne Wares, Wilma Banks, Helen Lockie, Denise Oliphant
Front Row
Malcolm MacDonald, Michael Smith, Tommy Shepherd, Robert McGee, Robin Sutherland, Clair Coghill, Gordon Richard, Richard Begg
Teacher - Mr Bobby Nicolson

From Sandy Steven 17 September 2001
The correct name of the guy who is 3rd from the right in the front row of the photograph is John Mcdonald. The other guy is James Durrand.

From G McGown 2 February 2014
Correction John MacDonald is after Iain Russell and before James Durrand, not John Durrand, as stated.
From Gill McGown (Clark)  2 February 2014
With reference to 1962 North school photo, the boy between James Durrand and Sandy Steven is John MacDonald, not Durrand.

From Gill McGown - 14 July 2007

Although a few years late, I could not help but notice the querie about 'Durrand' boys from North school photograph of 1962. I was in that class and I can say for sure that the boys in question have not been correctly identified. On the left is John MacDonald [not Durrand] and on the right is James Durrand, my first 'boyfriend' in Primary 1.
Gill McGown
From Denis Sutherland 23 September 2001
I know I can supply some missing and erroneous names in the North School 'photo of 1962. 
The lad in the Front Row second LEFT between Malkie MacDonald and Tommy Shepherd
is called Michael Smith.etc  Mike or 'Spike' as he was known, arrived in Primary 6 and was the school Dux in Primary 7. 
He left Wick to go back to Aberdeen.  Last I heard he started on a Degree course in Medicine. 
The guy second from the right in the Third Row between myself and Joe Fitzpatrick is John McBoyle,
not John Coble.  The lad first from the left in the Third Row is Ian Munro, not Jan 
The lad second from the left in the Back Row between John Durrand and John Miller lived
'up the 'Drome road' and was not a 'Wicker', having arrived like Mike in the town. 
I remember a lad called David Balfour in our class at one time.  Is this David? 
The guy third from the right in the Front Row between Robin Sutherland 
and Gordon 'Cubbie' Richard is indeed Claire Coghill as the photo legend says. 
Dennis Sutherland
From Andrew Mackay 7 January 2006
The guy second from the left at the back identified as "from the drome road" by Dennis Sutherland is Brian Nicoll who achieved fame by winning all of the top twenty records in a weekly competition, much to the envy of all his mates in the High School second year class,
Andrew Mackay