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3 November 08
Halkirk 1953

Photo sent by Jean Forbes

29 October 06
Halkirk Teachers 1958

Photo sent by John Marwick, Edinburgh whose father was one of the teachers.

28 October 06
Halkirk School Reunion - Celebrating 50 Years 1956 - 2006

Halkirk school is now a primary school but was previously Halkirk Junior High.  Former pupils from the school started the day with march headed by the Caithness Junior Pipe Band to the school.  A concert was  held in the afternoon with performances from the present school pupils.  the children put on a great show that their parents had seen last night.  With songs and dances the whole show swung along and ended with a version of Div Ye Mind" Halkirk style and then a performance from the whole school of "Over The Ord".   See more about the reunion and more old school photos at This Is Halkirk

23 November 04
Halkirk Junior Sec 1958

Picture sent by Ian Sell

23 November 04
Halkirk Junior Sec Primary 3 1953

Picture sent by Ian Sell

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23 November 04
Halkirk Junior Sec 1954

Picture sent by Ian Sell

19 March 04
Halkirk 1983 Primary 1

Picture sent by Joanne Mackay

6 April 03
Halkirk 1976

6 April 03
Halkirk 1979

Picture Sent by Janet Mowat

6 April 03
Halkirk 1979

Picture sent by Janet Mowat

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