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Wick High School Reunion 3 August 2001 

     Wick North School  1962

Back row, left to right
James Bremner, Donald Booth, Brian Sprunt, John Goodall, William Budge,
David Howson, Raymond Mackay, Brian Gunn, John Harper, David Smith, Hugh
Middle row, left to right
Janice Tait, Patricia Sinclair, Christine Begg, Vanessa Leiper, Margaret
Sutherland, Janette Davidson, Avril Cormack, Lorna Sinclair, Janet Land,
Joyce Durrand
Front row, left to right
Isabel Murray, Shona McKay, Fiona Fraser, Wilma Bain, Sheena Deerness,
Evelyn Kay, Kathleen Sinclair, Rowena Taylor, Frances Gunn, Evelyn Miller,
Rhona Webster, Annette Swanson
Sitting, left to right
William Swanson, Patrick Macleod, Alan Bruce, George Ross

Photo and details came from Fran Forrester (Frances Gunn)