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Wick High School Reunion 3 August 2001 

   Pictures From The Reunion Night
Isobel and Janis

      Picture - Roger Burt

Poems From The Night

Div ye mind Ewan MacDonald
An' those soft-soled shoes 'e wore?

Ye nivir knew at he wis near
Till 'e was glowrin at e door.

Boot on Fridays we could hear um!
'E wis dressed till meet his date.
E leather-soled shoes 'e wore then
Could be heard fie e school gate.

Oul ' thuderguts we ca'ed um.
If e knew e nivir said.
We didna lek his teachin' then
But now we're a richt gled

Another One

Div he mind e sausage roll van,
It Cayme till e school at break.
It eye wis a richt skuffle -
Some fowk choost couldna wait.

An Ingles e art teechur
hung roon e staff room door,
Till e collared a likely cheel
Till im roll an Mars Bars an more...

Sanny Bruce e chanitur
Wis aye in charge o' milk.
E opened all e bottles
Wis 'is thumb - up till e hilt.

We all wnet hom for denner,
Unless ye wis a choochter.
At meant school meals or strool doon toon
An a fag - if ye had a lichter.