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Pulteneytown Academy Reunion 1970 - 1977
    3 March 2001

Organisers Mandy Miller (now Scudder)
Corrine Sinclair

Mandy' Family Meets Her In Australia 27 March

Picture Gallery  -Early Years 
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More Pictures From Mandy
20 March    Even More Pictures From Mandy 20 March

Another Picture Now In 7 March     Even more Pictures 7 March

20 March 2001
Mandy  - Back in Australia.


Hi there 'PULTENEYTOWN ACADEMIERS'!!!!! I can still hear the cheers now!!!!!
It's all on video!!!!!!! I've practically worn the tape out watching it over and over again. Well, as the title suggests, it may be all over but I'm sure we've all been able to rekindle old friendships. There's no way I'm letting the few I've managed to catch up with slip through my fingers again. There's nothing like the old friendships from your school days - you cant put on any airs and graces with them as they KNOW who the real you is and I like that. It was great just being our old selves don't you reckon?

I, for one, had the BEST TIME on the night and I've heard so many of you state the same. It was great to have such a great turn out and I was delighted to see so many of our teachers come along. I thought they were going to out last us 'youngies' at one stage. Don't you think that we grew up in the best era of MUSIC? I didn't want to get off the dance floor when the likes of BAY CITY ROLLERS, ABBA, RACEY, RUBETTES, QUEEN etc etc were playing. All the modern day junk that they play now will never replace the likes of these bands. That was self explanatory on a night out in Thurso that I had whilst I was over there. Someone put on a request for me (BAY CITY ROLLERS of course) and the dance floor was packed within seconds. When it went back to all that rap stuff, it thinned out equally as quick. Some DJs are just not in touch with what people want although the one that we had on the night, Peter Sutherland, obviously sussed us all out.

It was also great to hear some SCOTTISH MUSIC for all the effort some of the guys put in with the wearing of their kilts!! I'm getting my photos back today (all 120 of them) so I'm looking forward to finding out who exactly were the TRUE SCOTSMEN. I'm sure I was down on the floor at one stage clicking away from underneath kilts!!!!

Talking about photos, the one which was in the 'Groat' newspaper is much better in colour!!! If you want to get one, then it will cost seven pounds fifty and can be obtained from MACDONALD'S in Back Bridge Street (upstairs).

He took a few but the one in the paper he chose because he thought it was the best overall. However, I notice that it is not clear of a few people so you can always go in and check out the others to see if they are any better of yourself.

I'd like to thank everyone once again for making it such a memorable night. Thanks very much for my lovely unique, hand blown glass photo frame (the photo fits in it perfectly) and takes pride of place on my sideboard). Thanks also for all the lovely comments most of you made in my autograph book. Unfortunately the book never made it all the way round the tables which is a bit sad as I wanted everyone to sign it. 

Bill Fernie from the Caithness.org site hasn't abandoned us just because OUR REUNION is over - he has offered to put any more details, photos etc on the site for us. I will be scanning away tonight when I get my photos so look out for more 'NAUGHTIER' photos to appear within the next few days.  MOST of you sounded keen to have another reunion in 4-5 years time so I'm all for that. Maybe we can include all those who were in our year at HIGH SCHOOL too as I had quite a few interested when I was organising the primary one.   It sounds a good bit off but as we all know, the 23 years we all waited, didn't seem that long AT ALL!!!

Well I must go now and get some sunshine!!!!! "Rub it in" I hear you all say!!!! I'm still trying to thaw out!!!!!

Please all try and keep in touch so that it won't be so hard when we try and organise the next reunion!!!

Bye for now

Love Mandy


Last Letter From Mandy before she sets off from Aussie

Hi there

Well, this is 'D' DAY for me as I'm off!!! I fly out for 'BONNY SCOTLAND' this afternoon. IT'S ALL HAPPENING!!!!

Just hope that I get to follow behind a SNOWPLOUGH or I'm in BIG TROUBLE!!!!

I'm sure there will be a few others in my situation as a few will be travelling up from down south on the Friday. We may have to celebrate the reunion in HELMSDALE if we can't get over that dreaded ORD!!!! I'm sure you will spare us a thought or two as you're sitting down in The Norseman eating your ROAST DUCK!!!!!

Not much to report this last update except that there are a few more photos added to the reunion site of the Caithness.org (they're a must see!!!).  Anyone else who would like to 'donate' their lovely pic are most welcome!!  As I won't be here, please send it through to BILL FERNIE at www.caithness.org

I'm hoping that a few more tickets will have been sold by the time I reach my sister's on Friday afternoon!!!! See what you can do!!!!

Well, this is it - will see you all on Saturday night at 7 pm!!!!!!!  IT'S GOING TO BE THE 'BEST' NIGHT, providing most of us get there!!!!!!!

Love Mandy


28 February 2001
Corinne Rae picture in.

27 February 2001
Lorna Rosie picture

26 February
Two more pictures  - all growed up

23 February 2001
Another picture From Mandy
Donna MacArdle coming to the reunion

22 February  2001
Mandy has sent in a local Tourist Web site address to add to our new page to let you all see the area where she now lives.  Check Where Caithness People Have Gone

22 February 2001

Hi there everyone!!!

WOO HOO!!! Nine days before we all REUNITE!!!

Don't know about all you, but I'm sooooooo excited!!

A few things to report here, the first being that DONNA MACARDLE has been contacted and is COMING!!!!!!!! She has a nice little surprise in store for you all and all I can say is that I'm glad KATRINA SWANSON is going to be there!!! Anyone who knows what Katrina's occupation is, will know what I mean!!

Linda Bruce has kindly offered to give a couple of people a lift on her way up the road. She lives in Edinburgh and thought of Sally, Lorna and Wilma at first as I mentioned their names. Wilma unfortunately won't be able to make it so if Sally or Lorna would like a lift, then please contact me and I will give you Linda's address. As they may already have planned their own way up, if there is anyone else who is stuck, please let me know and I'll check with Linda.

My sister has emailed me to say that there have been a few people up for their tickets in the past few days but we're needing the ticket sales to speed up a bit because the hotel has been asking me for numbers. Again, if you don't already have your ticket, please get it as soon as you can from:-


TEL: 605213 (you can always put a cheque in the mail to her)

My sister also pointed out that a few people have been asking my sister-in-law who works in a local shop as to where they can get their tickets from so it's obvious that there are some people still in the dark with regards to all the details. Can you please look out for anyone that you know from our Academy days and just double check with them that they know what's what?!!

I'll close now but will get back to you before I leave next Wednesday to give you a final update. Any queries in the meantime, please feel free to contact me (I'm always here, chained to this thing!!)

Love Mandy

17 February 2001
Mandy has found Alison Greaney who moved to Italy 20 years ago.  Long story and she may tell you later. 

17 February 2001

Hi Everyone

13 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!

My stomach is in knots as I read that title!!! Less than TWO WEEKS to go!!!!!

Well there's a few things to report and I'll start with telling you that LINDA BRUCE has been found (all thanks to Ann Munro) and she's definitely coming.

Ann has also been on the phone to Peter Sutherland the DJ to confirm his hours on the night and he's stated that he's all ours for as long as we want!! The only problem being is that I've checked with The Norseman Hotel and they've informed me that the bar will close at midnight and drinks will only be served, after that time, to residents of the hotel!! Guess that's myself, Ann, Katrina and Jacqueline covered as we're the only ones, so far, who have a booked a room. Anyone else REQUIRING alcohol after midnight,please get yourself booked in now!!!! The hotel is offering a discounted twenty pounds bed and breakfast.

Thankfully, the reunion starts at 7 pm so 5 hours isn't too bad for every one to catch up (we'll just have to talk non stop - that shouldn't be too hard for me!!)

ALLAN TAIT has emailed me and seems interested so hopefully he will be another one to add to the list.

KEVIN GUNN - a dead cert!!!! Again, Ann has been really helpful and phoned Kevin to advise him of all the details. He's also spoken to my sister and has reserved his ticket. Sharon Mackenzie and Ralph Farquhar are two names which Jacqueline Wilson recognised from the last update and she's going to try and contact them.

Deirdre Steven was another ? but she has been contacted by William Munro and sounds keen to come.  Scanning down all the names on the classes list, I reckon all that can be contacted have so it's just a matter of waiting now to see who gets their ticket and turns up on the night. I really hope we get a good turn out but I'm SURE we will have a GREAT night no matter what.

I will have to be getting back to the hotel with final numbers next week so please try your best to get your ticket before then. My sister works through the day but is usually in in the evenings. If you don't want to make the trip up there in case she's not in, just give her a call first (she won't mind - she's my BIG SIS!!).

A couple of things before I sign off:-

1. Can someone contact Muriel Watt with the details as no one has really said that they've spoken to her.
2. Although I've said, everyone has been contacted, can you please look out for anyone who is on the class list and just check to see whether they've got their ticket yet. That way, it may move things along a bit quicker.

3. Have just sent through ALISON GREANEY'S photo to the Caithness.org site so please VIEW!!!! Another bonny wee lassagie!!!!

UNFORTUNATELY, you haven't heard the last from me as I 'WILL' be back with a few more updates in the next week.

KATRINA actually leaves for the UK on Monday so I'll have to be excited here all by myself!!!! I guess she wanted to travel on her own to get some REST before the big night!!! As if I would keep her awake!!!!

UNTIL NEXT TIME!! Please get your TICKET!!!

Love Mandy


12 February 2001

Hi Everyone

20 days to go!!!!

Unbelievable isn't it? It doesn't seem like all this started a year ago!!!!!!!! How time flies!!!!!! This is just a brief email to let you know about a few things. SHAMSHAD has been found!! I spoke to her yesterday (she now lives in Aberdeen) and she said that she's going to try her best to come as she'd love to catch up with us all again. I've been looking through the class list and I'm still no further on with the whereabouts of Linda Bruce? ANYONE? I'm sure there have been a few of you, throughout the past year, who have mentioned that you may be able to locate her.

John MacLeod was VERY SUCCESSFUL with his LETTER BOX deliveries!!!
Here's how he managed:-
JAMES BUDGE Letter delivered
GRANT CAMPBELL Letter delivered
DONALD CROWE Letter delivered
RALPH FARQUHAR Trying, but open to suggestion
KEVIN GUNN Trying but open to suggestion
ALISTAIR HUGHES Confident of delivery soon
ALEXANDER MCNAB Letter delivered
GILLIAN BREMNER Letter delivered
SHARON MACKENZIE Trying, but open to suggestion
JOHN MILLER Letter delivered
JEAN OMAN Letter delivered
TAM SUTHERLAND Letter Delivered
JEAN ROSIE Letter delivered
MAUREEN WERFEL Letter delivered
BARBARA OMAN Will deliver letter on way home
JASMINE ABEL In touch with Kay Howden
ELAINE CHRISTIE Is in Wick but don't know where
ALLAN TAIT Is in Wick but don't know where
DEIRDRE STEVEN Is in Wick (Barbara Tce?)
As you can see, I've highlighted 8 above and would be really grateful if you could try and chase these people up. If you are able to, please let them know where they can obtain their ticket from.

NOW!!! Yes, you guessed it!!!!! It's the TICKET SCENARIO yet again!!! My sister has been sitting patiently night after night with the home baked cake in the oven and the kettle on!!! She's putting on the kilos as we speak having had no one to share it with!!!
OOPS! Better just clear that up before she kills me!! There won't be any coffee and cake but there will be one VERY HAPPY SMILE ON MY FACE when she tells me that the tickets are going like hot cakes!!!!!

Go on, be a devil and get up there for your ticket!!! If it's too much hassle for you to get there, just drop a cheque in the mail and she'll reserve one for you.

Will go now and finish my packing!! I've only been at it for three months!!!


Love Mandy


2 February 2001
Can you believe that there's only 29 days to go?!!! I'm beside myself sitting here typing this - hair falling out as I speak!!!! I'm on such a high, I'm just a bundle of nerves - but 'excited' nerves!!!! Less than a month to go so please get your ticket if you haven't already done so. I know I've been a  it of a 'NAG' when it comes to the ticket situation (Corinne, I heard that!!) but we can't have sales at the door because the hotel requires NUMBERS for the catering beforehand.  It looks as though we may have a few bottles of wine and beer on the table, providing most turn up!!!! My sister is STILL waiting for the big RUSH!!!  Okay, enough said about the tickets, I'm hearing myself sound more like a broken record every day!! As there are quite a few ex-classmates who are NOT on the Internet, I will type up a list below of people who I don't think may know where to get their ticket from (OOPS! That didn't last long!). Could you have a look through and if you think you may be able to contact that person, please do as it would be of great help.  

John MacLeod has kindly offered to drop a letter into their mailboxes from me, telling them the situation but he won't obviously be able to reach all of them as he's busy with work.  Any more REQUIRING a room for the night, let me know.  I'll make this one short so to save myself for the speech on the night!!!  Now if that's not enough to scare you all off, I don't know what is. My sister will probably be rushed off her feet now tomorrow - with REFUND REQUESTS!!!

Until next time - probably a few days time!! 



I think all of the above have been told at some stage about the reunion as I have them all ticked off as being contacted but whether they know about the tickets is another thing.

24 January 2001

38 DAYS TO GO!!!!!!!!!!

Can you believe it?!!
I'm basically just sending this email to keep everyone's enthusiasm up as we don't want to let it deflate now with being so close to the BIG NIGHT!!!

I have a few bits and pieces of information to tell you and I'll start with saying "GET OFF YOUR BEHINDS AND GET YOUR TICKETS!!!!" I had my sister all prepared for the 'BIG RUSH' after I sent you all my last update and was anxiously waiting the next few days for her to tell me that she had RUN OUT OF TICKETS!!!!!!!!!! Instead, she emails me after a week and states that nomore than, wait for it ................. 2 TICKETS had gone!!! She's having a good old laugh at me now, stating that the photographer isn't going to really have to bother taking his WIDE ANGLED LENS on the night!!!! I can just imagine 6 of us perched in a line for the REUNION OF THE MILLENNIUM

PHOTO!!!!!!!!!!! So please, please, make a point of getting your ticket as soon as you can. To shut my sister up if nothing else!!

Great news in that I received an email from William Munro today. He works for a Government Depart in Kingussie now (well he did today but who knows tomorrow!!). I've just sent him half a dozen old updates so hopefully they go UNSCREENED!!! William is definitely looking forward to the reunion and will see us all there on the night. He couldn't remember who we all are so I've sent him the list to jog his memory. C'mon William, how you possibly have forgotten us?!!!!! You've hurt our feelings now!

Glad to hear that people are passing on the info re the tickets to others who are not on the net. Kay Howden has emailed to say that she has passed on all the details to Donna Wright and Jasmine Abel.

I've 'placed' Corinne in charge of decorating the hall down at The Norseman so please feel free to take it up with her should the hall look pitiful on the night!!!!!!!! Corinne!!! Language p l e a s e!!!!! Seriously, a bunch of us 'lassies' were going to be doing it ourselves on the morning of the 3rd but the hotel said that if we provided the balloons, streamers etc, they would do it for us (so, it's all in THEIR hands!!). The pressure is off Corinne!!

As I was looking through the class lists the other night, I noticed that I didn't have a tick beside TAM SUTHERLAND'S name. I'm wondering if anyone has told Tam or knows where to find him?

Another mystery is SHAMSHAD AHMED. My sister said that David Simpson spoke to her the other day and said that he was having trouble obtaining her telephone number from her family (who I believe live locally). CAN ANYONE ELSE HELP OUT HERE?

DONNA MACARDLE!! Donna left a message for me on the Caithness.org site some months ago but she didn't get back to me after I left my reply. A friend of mine said that she was in Donna's partner's company over the New Year so I have asked her to try and obtain her address through that source.

I think you would agree that both Shamshad and Donna were a couple of characters so I'd love them to be there.

Talking about the Caithness.org site, have you all been into the PICTURE GALLERY there? What a laugh, seeing all those old school photos of everyone.

It would be even better if the other 95% of you sent in yours!!!!!!!!!!! PLEASE! If you have one (and I'm sure you do) send it to me as soon as you can.

Well, I'll finish here as I have a mountain of chocolate to consume (oh what pressure!!). It's my birthday tomorrow (no need to guess my age!!!) and there's no point in me trying to hide it either!!!!!! It looks as though British Airways had a plane all for me this week!! I've got 6 Family size packs of Galaxy Minstrals, mega box of Celebrations, 10 pack of Galaxy Ripples ............ I'm watering at the mouth just typing about them.

Thank you to those who sent them - YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!! I reckon you've got ulterior motives for BEING SO NICE THOUGH!! I can just imagine me coming off the plane in Scotland representing 'BIG BERTHA'!!!!

I'll wrap this up now by just reminding you about the TICKETS! I know, I know, I sound like a broken record but I won't be happy until those tickets run out! The more people at the reunion the merrier.

Until next time - I'll give you a breather for a week or so!

Love Mandy 

21 January
Mystery solved its....... have a look.

20 January 2001
Another picture but no name yet.  Can you guess.  Don't email.  Mandy will send it in for publication.

16 January 2001 
From Mandy

THIS IS IT!!!!!!!

It's crunch time so dig deep and get those coppers out because the tickets have arrived!!!!

My sister Rowena has just emailed me to say that she got them about a half an hour ago!!! Hope she's guarding them like she would the CROWN JEWELS!!!!

There are a few things I wanted to tell you in this email so please bear with me.


I asked Ann Munro to check the availability of Macdonald the Photographer and when she phoned, she was advised that he had already been asked to cover OUR REUNION by the John O' Groat Journal!!!!!!!!!!! We're FAMOUS before we start!!!


I've mentioned quite a few times the fact that The Norseman has offered us a discount to stay the night. The charge is 20.00 per person, bed and breakfast. A few of you have replied to me saying that you wish a room to be booked but the hotel needs to know what type of room you want, ie single,  double, twin? Hopefully more of you will want to stay the night as it will be really handy for you to attend the breakfast (should you be up to one!!!).

PLEASE try and let me know in the next week or two and I would be grateful if you could mention this deal to people who are not on the net.


I'm STILL WAITING!!!! WAITING!!!!! WAITING!!!!! Thanks to everyone who has already sent their photos - much appreciated!! For those of YOU who have yet to send me yours, you may be persuaded to do so after checking out the 'BEAUTIES' on the Caithness.org site!!!!!!!! NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!! I downloaded some of the ones that I've been sent to the site so Bill Fernie said that he would get them put on OUR REUNION SITE as soon as he could. I'm SURE they will bring a smile to your face!!!! C'mon now, get into the mood and BRING THOSE PHOTOS out the archives!! We're needing some laughs!


I know I may be getting a little too ahead of myself here but I just wondered how many would be interested in a lunch the following day? It seems such a pity that we're all getting together, after such a long time, just for the one night. I've asked Ann to book THE SILVER DARLINGS restaurant for 12.30pm so hopefully we'll have a good turn out. It would be good though to try and accumulate some numbers beforehand so if you could pass the word around re this, that would be great.


Corinne eventually got a hold of Kevin Harper. Kevin actually works for the same company as Corinne, which is Halliburton. Kevin is married with three kids, the latest two (twins) only being born lately so I reckon KEVIN has a pretty VALID excuse if he can't make it!!!!!!!!!! Sleep deprivation has to be THEE worst thing! Anyway, hopefully the TWINS will be sleeping through the night before 3 March!!!!


Last, but certainly not least (it's okay, I'm just practicing for my speech here!!!), the tickets can NOW be GOT AT!!!! Just in case you didn't READ or you ACCIDENTALLY deleted my last update, I'll just recap re the ticket situation.
Available from my sister -

Tel No: (0955) 605213

The tickets are 15.00 so it's up to you as to how you want to pay for it, ie cash or cheque and go up to collect your ticket or send a cheque in the mail. As I mentioned last time, if you send your cheque, please make it payable to ROWENA FALCONER or CASH (if the banking system allows it) and she will record a ticket number against your name (I have sent her the total class list).

You can then pick your ticket up on the night at the hotel.  I know everyone is busy these days but please try and see to the ticket within the next 2 weeks as, apart from the hotel needing to know rough numbers, I don't want to inconvenience my sister for weeks upon end.

WELL, that's the end of yet another update. How quickly the time seems to be flying by!!

Just a reminder - 46 DAYS TO GO!!

Hope to hear from you all VERY VERY soon.

Can't wait to see every one.

Love Mandy


P.S. OOPS!!! It's really important that every one gets notified about the tickets (obviously!) so if you know, or see someone who is on the class list,please pass on the details as to how they can obtain their ticket.

9 January 2001


Who's been counting down the days?!!! I sure have, 52 days to GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Who can't wait?!!!!!! I sure can't!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay, enough excitement - I'll get on with it! Quite a lot has happened since my last update to you all. Out of the 72 of us, 69 have now been found!!!! Not bad going - THANK YOU INTERNET!!!

Have just come off the phone to Danella who now lives in Denver Colorado.  She hadn't heard A THING about the reunion and I said that it was a wonder that her mum hadn't mentioned anything to her as I thought a few of you had obtained her phone number from her mum. Turns out her mum is actually holidaying with her in Denver at the moment. Coincidentally, Danella's husband has been going into the Caithness.org site for ages to obtain the details on the local newspapers but he never saw any of the info re the reunion.

It's a bit short notice for Danella at this stage but she sounded keen so hopefully she will decide to come. Who remembers 'SINCLAIR MACKAY'?!!! Who couldn't!!! Hi there 'Sinky'!!  Sinclair emailed me out the blue yesterday as he saw all the details on the Caithness.org site. I was laughing because a couple of you had told me that he would be no problem in locating as he was the Harbour Master Assistant in Wick!!! NOT SO!!! Sinclair's been away living in Alness for a while so thank God he saw the Caithness site.

Roddy Mackay has caught up with Deirdre Steven (she's coming) and he's been on the phone to William Munro so I'm waiting on him to email me (think I said that the last time!!!!!!). Andrew Mackay is still to be contacted, as is Kevin Harper. My sister has just given me Andrew's phone number so I think I will phone him today. Well, after all, he WAS the love of my life!!! Primary school days of course!!! OOPS!! Did I just say that out loud?!!! I wonder if he ever knew?!!!!

Tommy/John Bremner's brother Colin also got all the details from the Caithness site so he emailed me to let me know that he would pass on all the info to him. Roddy also said that he bumped into Tommy a few weeks ago at a dance and mentioned it to him then.

NOW!!! The TICKETS!!! They're ready, sitting here beside me. I'm going to send them this week to my sister in Wick as she will be selling them on my behalf. As I don't want to inconvenience her TOO MUCH, I've told her that I just expect her to have an OPEN HOUSE for 14 days, between the hours of 5 pm and midnight!!!!!! Slight exaggeration there but for those of you who live locally and want to go and pick your tickets up, she said that it would be fine to do so after 5 pm as she works during the day. CASH would obviously be best but if you want to pay by cheque then please make it out to MRS R FALCONER (don't worry, she CAN be trusted!!!!!!!!). Actually, I'm not sure how the banking system works over there now - maybe you can still make cheques out to cash? I'll leave that one up to all you lot.

For those of you who don't live locally, please send your cheques to:-
82 Seaforth Avenue

My sister's number just in case any one needs it is:- (0955) 605213
Everyone who sends a cheque, whether it be locally or from down south, overseas etc, your ticket won't be sent to you, instead you can pick it up on the night of the reunion. It would be far too much hassle for my sister to have to get everyone's address etc. I'm sending her over a list of names and, as each ticket is numbered, she will put your name against a number so that it will be recorded straight away the fact that you have PAID!!! She's been BRIEFED on the matter so there won't be ANY problems (RIGHT, DEAR SISTER?!!!!).

The tickets are 15.00 each and the breakdown of that is as follows:-
9.50 Buffet Dinner at The Norseman
2.00 For DJ (depending on how many actually attend)
This obviously comes to 11.50 and as I didn't want my sister to have to muck around with change, I made the tickets 15.00. The remainder of 3.50 each will cover the photographer (YES!! We ARE going to be photographed on the night!!!) - better look out all those party FROCKS AND TUX'S!!! It will also hopefully cover a drink on arrival (I have yet to hear back from the manager of the Norseman on that one though). Nevertheless, please be assured that your full 15.00 will be totally accounted for.

Last thing about the TICKETS! I won't give an exact date right now as to WHEN the tickets can be purchased from my sister as you just never know how the postal system is. I WILL be sending them this week but I will wait for confirmation from my sister when she receives them. I will then let you all know that it's GREEN FOR GO!!!!
THIS IS JUST ALL FAR TOOOOOOOOO EXCITING FOR ME!! Talking about tickets is really making me realise that the time is nearly here!!!

Have received another few photographs from the 'old school days' but there are so many more DUE!!!!!! The last week or so before I fly over there, I will be downloading everyone's photo to EVERYONE ELSE (just to get everyone excited!!) so please make sure that yours is here to send!!

Just want to check again as to who wants a bed for the night!! The Norseman is offering us all a discount and a room will cost you 20.00. Can you please let me know if you want a room as I have to let them know shortly. I was thinking of a breakfast the following day for those who are up to it and also a lunch (in a different venue) so that everyone can catch up with the people they didn't get the chance to with the night before. DID THAT JUST SOUND LIKE DOUBLE DUTCH TO YOU?

It's just dawned on me that it's going to be like starting all over again - the fact that the people who are not on the Internet will have to be tracked down to be told about the ticket situation!!! I'm tired just thinking about it. This has been a task in itself, having found all you lot on the net!!!  I would really really appreciate it if you could pass on the info re the tickets to any one that you meet (if you could phone them even, that would be great. If they're not told then our numbers will obviously decrease. I think there's about half on the net so that's a start. Well I'd better shut up here before I put you all off coming. Promise I won't speak SOOOOO much on the night!!! I'll probably end up with bronchitis, the fact that I'll be coming from forty odd degree heat to minus whatever!!!!

Hoping to hear back from you all soon.


Love Mandy

Anyone with any other Photographs of this Crew?
Author: MANDY SCUDDER (NEE MILLER) (---.proxy.aol.com)
Author: Mandy (---.proxy.aol.com)
Date:   12-22-00 14:16

Hi Everyone!!!

Just a line or two (and pigs can fly!!!) with regards to the 'BIG NIGHT'!!!!

We're looking good, damn good!!!!! Just about everyone has been covered (please see the end of this email though) - that's just a ploy to make sure you READ to the END!!!!! I'm not stupid (no matter what people say!!) - I can imagine most of you just scanning through these updates now getting pretty sick of them and me - boo hoo!!!!

I've just received an email from the Manager of the Norseman Hotel which gives us the menu. It looks great to me but if there is anything that anyone wants to change please advise asap. If I'm not advised of any changes within the next four days, I'll just confirm with the Norseman that we're happy with it. Don't know about 'yous' but my belly is rumbling at just reading it. Here it is:-

I would like to offer this buffet menu priced at 10.50 per person.























I would like to confirm bed & breakfast available to all the school party at 20.00 per person for those who dance yourself to exhaustion. The hippy type person, who you remember from school, is now a burnt out, bald late developer who is of course much older than I. I was disappointed to hear of how old I sound but would recommend that if I look as old as I sound please don't inform me till after the buffet, for fear of serious retribution

As the Manager has mentioned, we can have a room for twenty pounds but if you wish to book one please let me know asap as he needs to set aside some now in case of over booking. Sounds like a 'FINE' idea to me, just falling into a bed after an exhausting night.

A MAJOR piece of news for you all is the fact that some of our teachers are coming along to the reunion (WHEELCHAIRS, WALKING STICKS AND PACEMAKERS IN TOW!!!!!!!!!). OOPS! Sorry Mrs Henderson, I just realised that you're getting a copy of this update!!!! Don't want any of you ex schoolies getting nervous now, they won't be testing us on the 'Fletcher' maths!!! I must admit, to begin with, I was a bit apprehensive about it thinking that I would have to be on my best behaviour 'all night' but I'm sure we're all much better behaved these days than the little ruffians we were back then.

Mrs Henderson (We're allowed to call her Margaret now that we're all 'grown up'!!) has been in touch and she has advised the following"-

So far Nelldie Cormack, Liz Mackay(Leith)and Maureen Miller(Gunn) will be
delighted to join you all and moi ,of course.Sadly quite a few of the staff
from these days are no longer with us.Morag Macdonald(P4)died a few years
ago and Nellie Bruce has been in Riverside home since a couple of years. We are working on the research, the problem being that we can't remember exactly when people were in the school. I will be seeing some of the younger ones over the festive period and I promise to keep you up to date with the results.


With regards to the DJ, Ann Munro has been great in that she has followed up a request from me to contact Peter Sutherland in Lybster. My sister announced just the other week that she has attended a few functions where Peter has been DJ and she guarantees that out of 100 songs played, we'll be dancing to 90 of them!! Just WHEN then are we going to be able to TALK?!!! I've no need to worry as I've NO doubt that I can talk and dance at the same time!! Talk is my middle name - I even do it in my sleep!!

The DJ is going to cost 100 pounds for the night so, depending on how many of us actually attend, an amount per person won't be known until nearer the date.

I was thinking of making the tickets a simple 15 pounds (therefore no mucking around with coins) and that would include the buffet of ten pounds and fifty pence (sorry for all the words but I don't have a pound sign on this Aussie keyboard!), the DJ divided between us all and obviously there would be a couple of pounds credit. We could maybe use this money to put a few bottles of wine on the table? That's just my thoughts so please, if anyone has any other suggestions, please let me know.

WHAT'S HAPPENING TO ALL THOSE 'PROMISED' PHOTOS?!!! Shame on you all for being too embarrassed to send them!!!! At least they would be wrinkle free, have HAIR (and not grey!!). I've had some 'fabulous' ones of Jacqueline Beattie sent (may have to charge you all to get a look at them ones!!!) - laugh a minute they are!! You're my best friend too JACQUELINE!!!!!! Also got one of Donna MacArdle sporting her trendy 'Grand-dad' shirt!!! Way to go Donna!!!!! PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE look them photos out and send them to me - it's all in good fun! Doesn't matter how UGLY you looked way back then, honest, you won't be JUDGED!!

I know I email most of you personally but I've been flat out this week leading up to Christmas ) okay, okay so I've been working on the tan!!!!!) so I'll just put a few questions in this update to certain people as it will save me time.

1. DAVID SIMPSON!!! Any luck on tracking down Shamshad?

2. RODDY MACKAY!! Still waiting to hear whether you've spoken to Andrew Mackay, Deirdre Steven and Kevin Harper?

3. Has anyone had any luck with Fiona Smitton, Anne Sutherland, Linda Bruce, Jacqueline Mackay, Joy Paterson, John Bremner? These seem to be the only ones I'm stuck on.
RE ABOVE: Jacqueline Mackay has said that she's coming and Linda Bruce has been contacted (I think!) - Corinne emailed me to say that Fiona Elder had obtained her number so if you've contacted her Fiona, could you please let me know.

4. ANYONE!!! Still waiting on WILLIAM MUNRO to contact me. Has anyone been in contact with him yet?


Will be in touch again soon.


Date:   11-15-00 16:01

Hi there!! Not long until March now!!!
Just to let you know that just about everyone has been contacted!!!! ONE, TWO THREE, HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!
Out of the 72 pupils, six remain uncontacted but I'm sure we can just about rectify that!! Everyone has been amazing and I really couldn't have done it without all your help.
I know that I send 'UPDATES' to most of you through your own email addresses but thought I'd just put this on the org site in case any of the six remaning classmates get a chance to read this.
If you do, please contact me.


Date:   11-15-00 16:01

Hi there!! Not long until March now!!!
Just to let you know that just about everyone has been contacted!!!! ONE, TWO THREE, HIP HIP HOORAY!!!!
Out of the 72 pupils, six remain uncontacted but I'm sure we can just about rectify that!! Everyone has been amazing and I really couldn't have done it without all your help.
I know that I send 'UPDATES' to most of you through your own email addresses but thought I'd just put this on the org site in case any of the six remaning classmates get a chance to read this.
If you do, please contact me.


2 November 2000

Hi all you 'Pulteneytown Academiers'
Well things are looking really good. I've been able to contact more than
half the people in classes 7A, 7B & 7C and the rest will hopefully be
contacted soon. This is just to let you all know that a DATE HAS BEEN
CONFIRMED!!!! The reunion will take place on Saturday 3rd March 2001 at the
Nethercliffe Hotel in Wick. As most of you know, the occasion is without
partners (mainly due to the fact that we don't want to incur any deaths from
BOREDOM!!!). I'm sure there will be a lot of reminiscing on the night so it
would be a shame to subject the 'other halves' to such torture!!! A buffet
and disco (70's and 80's music of course)has been booked so 'BAY CITY
ROLLERS' here we come!


P.S. Anyone who has not contacted me but who is on the list and reading
this, please email me so that I can fill you in on all the details (a bit of
goss too maybe!!!)

5 September
Footy Team names now in below.

4 September 2000
And now the footy Team -(Below)
Names not available .......yet.!

3 September - Message from Mandy
A few names to add in not on the original list below - 
Andrea Innes
Lorna Rosie
Anne Sutherland

3 September  Netball team now identified.   Names below above photo - 
Just in 30 August 2000 - Photo of a Netball Team from the crew listed - see below.
We will fill in the gaps when we get more names.

From Mandy Scudder (Nee Miller) now in Australia
I am organising a school reunion for the 'Pultneytown Academiers!!!  If you
were at that primary school between 1970 to 1977 then I'm looking for
you!!!!  The reunion isn't going to be until March 2001 but I want to start
looking for people now as there are over 70 to find!!!!!

Below are a list of the people I'm looking for.  If you are one of them or
if you know of any of the people on the list, can you please contact me on
my email address.
Many Thanks

Andrea Innes
Lorna Rosie
Anne Sutherland
Kevin Farmer
Corinne Rae -   lives in Wick
Gordon Bruce
Mandy Miller - lives in Australia
Andrew Mackay
Muriel Watt
James Budge
Donald Crowe
Alistair Hughes
John Inglis
Kathryn Begg     - lives in Inverness
Kevin Gunn
Roderick Mackay
Elaine Christie  -     lives in Wick
Alexander Macnab
Fiona Elder
Hugh Mackay
James Sutherland
Jacqueline Mackay
John Miller
Wilma Young
Jean Omand
Richard Banks
Paul McNeill
David Simpson
Andrew Miller
William Munro
Alexander Thomson
Maureen Suthlnd(Werfel)
Jasmine Abel
Allan Tait
Grant Campbell
Alison Greaney
Gillian Bremner
Gordon Campbell
Roselene Gunn
Kay Howden
Ralph Farquhar
Andrea Innes
Denise Larnach
Jean Rosie
Sharon MacKenzie
Lynn Rosie
Julie Sutherland
Danella McPhee  - now in USA
Samsad Ahmed
Katrina Swanson  -  now in Australia
Barbara Oman
Tommy Bremner
Sally White
Jacqueline Stewart
Kevin Harper (Warfy?)
Sinclair Mackay
Josephine Sutherland
Colin Waring
Jacqueline Wilson
Derrick Miller/Harcus
Ann Munro
Donna Wright
John MacLeod
Lynn Morrison
Deirdre Steven 
Debra John
Joy Paterson
Fiona Williams
Mairi Campbell
Donna MacArdle
Ian Paterson
Fiona Smitton

Many Thanks


The Champs at Netball?
Mrs Gunn
                            Danella McPhee (now in USA ?)
                            Corinne Rae          (lives in Wick)
                            Elaine Christie     (lives in Wick)
                            Kathryn Begg        (lives in Inverness)   
   From left to right (front row)
                            Katrina Swanson    (lives in Aussie)
                            Jacqueline Beattie (lives in England)  
                            Mandy Miller          (lives in Aussie)
Gym Teacher     Mrs Scott
And THE FOOTY TEAM - Primary 7
From top row, left to right -

William Munro
Paul McNeill
Robert Mackay   (PRIM 6)
Ralph Farquhar
John Inglis
Alan Tait

Roderick Mackay
Eddie Beattie       (PRIM 6)
Andrew Mackay
Grant Campbell
Colin Elder         (PRIM 6)
Donald Cornwall (PRIM 6)
Kevin Farmer

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