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Standing Stones at Latheron

Standing stones were erected over a period, which may span 15 centuries; the earliest probably date from the 4th Millennium B.C.  These standing stones together with the standing stone at Rangag further up along the Causewaymire road may be connected with the great oval of standing stones at Achkinloch, as they are approximately in line with its headstone and would have been used in worship or rough calendar making.1  The second standing stone was only entered in the Schedule of Monuments on 31 October 2000, the first having been recorded in 1933.

Latheronwheel Bridge Broch
Canmore states a mound about 10ft in height almost entirely covered by vegetation. On the south side a wall some 10ft long and 2 to 3ft high is exposed and a portion of what appears to be an outer casing wall. The diameter of the structure over all is some 53ft.  Some forty human skulls are said to have been found many years ago in excavation, no record of which exists.  This account is from 1911.  Further visits were made in 1968 and 1982. The 1982 visit adds that the portion of outer casing or lining wall is 0.9 m thick.

1. Source: A History of the Latheron District (1970), Scottish Women’s Rural Institutes