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Evidence of Early Settlers

Cairns and a broch at Latheronwheel and two standing stones behind Latheronwheel post office are evidence of early settlers.

Picture - Bill Fernie

This site is a combination of features only one of which a possible long cairn (ND13SE 36) is classified as prehistoric. Chambered tombs are characteristic of the Neolithic period, when they were notably associated with farmland. The cairn is situated in grazing land that was formerly cultivated, on a terrace at 30 m OD, 150 m from the sea. The cairn is turf covered and has been robbed and greatly disturbed and shows evidence of secondary structures having been built into it. It is possible that the site was a settlement with a hut circle, two cairnfields, two cairns, a stone setting, an enclosure, and miscellaneous mounds and structures. See photographs above and below taken on an Archaeology Week field trip in October 2000, further details can also be found on the Canmore Database1 under Latheronwheel, Cairn Long.

Picture - Bill Fernie

1. The Canmore Database can be accessed on the web site of -
The Royal Commission on the Historical and Ancient Monuments of Scotland