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The present Post Office stands on the north corner of the A9 as it turns towards Thurso. The Gunn family has been postmasters/mistress here for 3 generations. Slater refers to this Post Office in 1889 (in 1860 Lybster had a Post Office but not Latheron) and as Alexander Gunn being the Post Master - ‘Letters arrive from all parts at 11.45 a.m. and are despatched the following day. - Money Order Office. The Post Office and Post Master’s House were sold to the present day Postmistress, Lorna Gunn MBE and her sister in 1963.  Today the interior of the Post Office is uniquely 1950s with low wooden counter and telephone booth, now with a modern ‘phone and an open fire behind the counter.  Since 2000 it has been put online with Post Office Counters new computer system.  The Latheron Post Office closed its doors in 2008 as part of a rationalisation of Post Offices in the UK.  Lorna Gunn was the last post mistress - she still lives there today.