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Everley Broch Dig

The dig is taking place in August each year 2001, 2002, 2003 and after than not known....

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The Everley Broch Archaeologists Web Site

The Everley Broch has been the subject of an excavation following in the steps of  a nineteenth century archaeologist.  The site was partly opened up in 2001 and then after a month back filled.  In 2002 work continued   More information can be found on the archaeologists web site.

Here we will put up the pictures each year as work continues.  Once the work is completed there will be little left to see as it will all be filled in again.

If you want to see the site open then check back in August 2003 as the archaeology team are happy to explain what they are doing and what they have found.  If a group wish to go out you should contact the archaeologists and arrange a date and time.

Everley 2002 Gallery

Everley 2001 Gallery

Caithness Field Club At Everley Broch