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Scalleywags Nursery
Crossroads School, Dunnet, Caithness KW14 8XP

See new pages at http://community.caithness.org/group.php?id=3216 from 27 January 2014

Scallywags Nursery is a volunteer partner centre and is committee run.  Scallywags is situated in the grounds of Crossroads Primary School at Dunnet.

14 April 09
Scallywags Nursery Easter Bunnies Had a Great Day
Easter bunnies l to r Fearne Macarthy, Beth Mackenzie, Sophie Jack and Erin Bonnieface. The Easter Fete at Scallywags Nursery had a great turnout at the new Mey Hall and raised 615.90. Thanks to everyone who turned out. Great feedback from folk and the kids especially enjoyed the craft table.

23 October 07
New Mother & Toddler At Crossroads School changed To Wednesdays
Scallywags Nursery & Toddlers, Nursery Building, Crossroads School, Dunnet

Changed to a Wednesday - Starts this Wednesday 24th of October, 2007, 1:15 - 2:45
Come along and play with us! Everyone Welcome!

27 January 07
Scallywags Nursery Opens New Building

The new Scallywags Nursery at Crossroads school, Dunnet has capacity for 15 children and currently has 10.  Despite the past couple of years of uncertainty regarding the sustainability of some rural nurseries the committee of Scallywags has shown that it is viable and that there are sufficient children in the area to make use of the facility.  Indeed 2007 - 2008 already looks very good with 10 children having already been identified as likely users of the new unit.

Contributors To The New Scallywags Nursery
Thanks To All
Listed here are the grant funders and many other groups, businesses and organisations who have contributed in some way to making Scallywags new building happen.  Thanks to all concerned and especially to the committee, parents and all of the community and council officials and all who supported the fund raising events held over the last couple of years and without whom it would never have happened.

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