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Caithness General Hospital
Queen Elizabeth Assessment & Rehabilitation Unit


It is recommended that you do NOT bring items of value or large sums of cash with you into the Ward.  Arrangements can be made for safe keeping valuables if necessary.  Valuables remaining in your possession do so at your own risk.  A Disclaimer Form should be signed to release Highland Acute Hospitals NHS Trust of responsibility for your valuables.


If you are in receipt of a pension, it would be helpful if a relative or friend can make arrangements with you regarding cashing and handling of your finances.  The hospital can however assist if necessary.

Church Services

There is a service each Sunday at 2.15 pm in the Hospital Chapel. At your request the necessary arrangements can be made to help you to attend the service.  This service is transmitted to the wards by the hospital radio network.  The hospital chaplains visit the wards every week and are available at any time to see you or your relatives when asked to do so.  Please do not hesitate to ask a member of staff to contact a chaplain for you.  Your own minister/priest can be contacted if you wish him to visit.

Staff Education/Training

Continuing Education is ongoing within the Ward and Student Nurses from the University of Stirling Highland Campus undertake part of their clinical experience within the Queen Elizabeth Assessment and Rehabilitation Unit.

We welcome any comments or suggestions, which will help us to improve our services, and the care delivered.