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Dave Ashpool

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The Caithness And Sutherland Search Group was set up by David Ashpool in June 2003.  He was founder of the local group known as the Disaster Dog Group. The group welcomes handlers with dogs and support personnel, bodies/victims-for dogs to find, ground to train on.

David Ashpool handles TEE-TEE a fully trained and assessed black lab.  He has been working and training dogs for over 25 years .  He was a drug dog handler in the navy and has handled both general purpose and explosive detection dogs for the UKAEAC.  Tee TEE is David's second search dog.  David has competed in working trials and is a member of NASDU, a charter member of animal care college and is a member of the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers.

David Ashpool Gets TEE-TEE ready for an exercise

Alan Tadd has worked with dogs for many years.  He has recently been in Suadi Arabia and Sweden training dogs and handlers in detection work.  He is salso a certified home office instructor and was a dog training instructor with the UKAEC.  He too is a member of NASU and the British Institute.

All members will be trained in basic first aid and navigation (both map reading and the use of GPS)  Several members are able to use BSL (British Sign Language) and all members will be trained in basic signing.

CASST is a member of the Scottish Rescue Council

Dogs need to be - friendly, play and fetch crazy, basic obedience trained.

More information on the CASST web site

Chairman -  Paul Scorer
Secretary  - Meghann Ashpool
Treasurer - John Glen
Co-ordinator, PR, Fund Raiser - Val Ashpool

TEE-TEE begins a search  with a zig-zag pattern across the terrain at Dunnet
The test to find a hidden body.  Completed successfully