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Caithness And Sutherland Search Team
Casualty Search Dogs


Dogs have been trained for search work, to look for casualties, from before the first world war.  During the second world war dogs were enlisted into the armed forces and trained in many tasks.  A number were trained in casualty search during the time of the blitz.  In other European countries there are several groups using dogs that specialise in different kinds of rescue work.  Their organisation may be different from country to country, but most have two types of specially trained dogs.  For example, the French have the mountain rescue dogs, mainly used for avalanche search and rapid response teams that come under the control of the fire service for disaster work.  The Austrians have two groups, both voluntary for the same purpose, whilst the Germans have the Red Cross search dogs that cover all aspects of search work.

Our aim I not to duplicate or compete with what is already in existence, we want to have volunteers trained in casualty search in several areas.