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E Calf's Cowgie
James Budge

Scoor oot e cowgie, o,
Sweel oot e cowgie, o,
For waarm milk for e peedie calf,
Ats stanan in e byrie, o.

A bonnie beystie, weel-haired, tae
Fa leks til sook yer fingers, o,
Hell dance weel at e tethers end,
An kick his heels wi muckle glee.

Wi subsidy hes worth a lot,
So gae him plenty for his bowg,
Tae fit him for e clover field,
An feeds o neeps and tatties, tae.

Hes got his mithers shapely heid,
His faithers curly swishan tail,
Nae pedigree is his by birth,
Bit, a e same, hes comely sae.

Hes short o horn, a guidly sicht,
Nae Hielan blood is in his veins,
His shapely leigs an chownky frame
Are chist e things til mak a stot.

At auction mart hell cut a dash,
Fan grown a muckle stirkie, o,
Sae deep o flank an straicht o back,
Hell bring us mony bawbees in.

Looks as if this was intended to be sung to the tune of Green Grow the Rashes, O     - JP