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John Horne

Funny Isn't It? by John Horne

c. 1950

Some are daft and others wise
Some speak truth and others lies
Some are friends and others spies.
Funny - Isn't it?

Some hoard up and others spill,
Some live well and others ill,
Some would heal and others kill,
Funny - Isn't it ?

Some are sly and others true,
Some look bright and others blue,
Some rejoice and others rue.
Funny - Isn't it ?

Some are sweet and others sour,
Some stand up and others cower,
Some pass on and others glower.
Funny - Isn't it?

Some are mild and others rough,
Some are weak and others tough,
Some are - ( But you've had enough)
Funny - Isn't it?

Only one is quite correct -
Him you always do respect.
''Who's he?'' Only just reflect,
Funny - Isn't it ?