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Radio Station - Wick

Wick Radio closed in June 2000 , there are now NO BT Coastal Stations at all in service. There is some Navtex but that is no longer part of BT and is now done by the Coastguards.

The Wick Radio Station was controlled by British Telecom but ceased to manned a couple of years ago when automation came along.  The masts are still in use and equipment is all automated and controlled from Stonehaven Radio Station.   A whole section of former equipment is setup in the Wick Heritage Centre.  A typewriter with capital letters only used for telegrams was given many years ago by James Wylie Begg for his children to play with and was subsequently donated to the museum by Bill Fernie.  
Staff employed were probably at highest levels during the two wars and in more recent times during the sixties and seventies dealing with increased radio traffic from fishing boats and the north sea oil rigs.

radiostation1.jpg (37508 bytes)
The original Building
radiostation2.jpg (27285 bytes)
British Telecom
The current owners/operators
radiostation3.jpg (39744 bytes)
The rear of the building
showing later extensions

radiostation4.jpg (42207 bytes)
From the front entrance gate

newtonhill2.jpg (35654 bytes)
The view up Newton Hill
From outside the Main Gate

fromradiostation.jpg (35670 bytes)
A view across the road
showing one of several
very high masts

houseoppradiostation.jpg (40262 bytes)
House within the grounds
A private residence

newtonroad.jpg (41866 bytes)
Newton Road
from outside the gate

As it was in 1913
The Wireless Telegraphy Station, Wick
A postcard sent in by  Mrs Maureen Materi, Canada
From her collection on the
Miller Family

Hear Wick Radio Station Morse at
Coastal Radio Stations Web Site